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How do I get rid of junkies from my apartment complex?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I live about 20 minutes walk from the CBD, in Richmond/East Melbourne. It's a great spot, i've got a lock up garage for the bike and the area is awesome, lots of little backstreets, graffiti and all that crap that I like.

    Only problem is...

    ... The Junkies.

    Usually I only see traces of it, a water cap, an old syringe cap etc. No sharps or anything like that. Until yesterday morning, when i heard voices outside my window at around 1100. I'm two stories up, and face a backstreet, so it was odd. A guy and a girl were having a conversation for around 10 minutes.

    I stick my head out the window, look directly down and there's two of them, squatting, the bloke is shoving a syringe right up his left forearm. Pretty remarkable. I just stood there, watching, and my neighbour was walking out, told them to clean up after themselves, they said they will, and he went on his merry way. The junkies still sitting there. The girl was injecting by now, not missing a beat.

    I look around and see two kids playing cricket just on the other side of the wall where they are. I saw red and ran into my room, grab the huge maglight and run downstairs, out through the security gate...

    And they're gone.

    Just like that. They didn't leave any mess, no sharps, no water caps or anything like that. But they would have been less than 30 seconds from the time the girl started injecting and I arrived at the spot.

    I'm sick of the little c**ts. I've never been directly exposed to that, but I'm still livid. There's kids around, old people, and christ knows what. I think i'm the only person in the apartment who feels strongly about it. My other neighbour said he just tells them to clean up and goes on his way too.

    Anyway, they'll be back. What should I do next time? Just call the coppers? Take a potshot with a .303? Run down and attack the little mongrels? Or just tell them to clean up after themselves?
  2. ask them if they know who's got my TVs, my dvd player(s); would they spare some cash to help fix my broken windows (time 3).

    waste of time, they're like insects...(no offense to insects :LOL: ) spend all day zonked out, and all night stealing to feed their habit; you could pat them on their backs like your neighbors did or wait till one of them bashes you on your way home for your wallet... gets the cops, that's their job, poor chaps; no use you trying anything risking manslaughter.
  3. Fire hose works good, I used to work at a night club and thats what we would do to any drunks passed out behind the club.

    IF they become a regular at a time, then call the cops and tell them this and organise a meeting at that time on a day. Other then that, usually by the time the cops get there, they will be gone.
  4. Itd be a shame if one of you fcuks wound up on drugs now wouldnt it? Nah I suppose youd do the socially correct thing and shoot yourself with a .303?

    I agree though it is filthy,`but you should act like a real man and ignore it.
  5. Write to your local council and ask them to open a medically supervised injecting room in the area, as it is obvious that there are a lot of drug users in your suburb who need help.
  6. Oh gee.... what a shame... I dropped this bucket of freezing cold water out the window whilst I wash washing my window frame... *shucks*. :LOL:
  7. A bucket of cold water from the second floor will see them not come back to your block again, it won't stop them, but at least it will be somewhere else. I could say boiling water, but then you will have some legal issues..
  8. That's right, we should all 'man up' and ignore it, it will surely go away then...............

    You sir are a first rate idiot!
  9. Think what you like mate. I still think ignoring the people who use the drugs is the only way, of course wishing them the best is far better than killing them.

    But maybe thats too hard for somebody like you to understand.
  10. I've got a problem too. I've just bought a house next to the airport. Any advice on how to get rid of these planes?
  11. Sure do, 1 x laser guided Stinger Missile.
    Easy to use, almost set and forget, one shot should stop those annoying planes for at least a week at a time, maybe more ? :LOL:
  12. Definately contact your council about this problem - Council officers will also probably have some handy advice for you. Unfortunately junkies will shoot up whenever and wherever they want to - so you're right in that that the main concern is that needles will be left lying around.

    Take photos of the needles if there are a lot, and date and time the photograph. If something like that becomes a serious enough issue from a health and amenity perspective then the council can take some pretty proactive action.

    I'd imagine, on top of all that, that watching someone self-inject would be pretty confronting. It's one thing to watch it in the movies, and completely another to see it happen in reality.
  13. But its not something children should have to be exposed to. Let the kids keep their innocence, not "hey dad, whats that man doing over there" "kids, he's throwing his life away by using drugs"
  14. hmmm drugs in Richmond? That is one of the big reasons I don't live inner city/suburbs anymore. Sure we have drugs in my area but they don't shoot up in my street.

    A bucket of water will move them on, that is of course untill you splash an ICE addict who hasn't slept for 6 days and is on a psycotic rampage and decides that you would be a safe place to store thier knives! :shock:
  15. [/quote]
    But its not something children should have to be exposed to. Let the kids keep their innocence, not "hey dad, whats that man doing over there" "kids, he's throwing his life away by using drugs"[/quote]

    I cant agree any more with what you said. Shame that aint reality.

    Some people think we live in hell, but they're still happy people.
  16. Oh the poor junkies, they are victims of society, think of their rights!
    fcuk that, they're useless scum, herd em up, put em in compulsory rehab, train them to do work no one else wants, and then put them to work. Then maybe they'll see how insignificant the petty problems that "made" them start on drugs were.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Yep, if does that, aircraft noise will be the least of his worries! He'll never see daylight again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Sometimes I wonder if NR is a forum for motorcycle enthusiasts or a forum for ex-convicts on parole.
    I would rather spend time with drug users than with some from you in here. At least, drug addicts are aware of how fraked up they are.
    EDIT: I didn't say it it properly, I meant most of the heavy addicts know that they have a problem, while those who bash them don't...
  19. +1, also happen to mention, if you were to slip on one, or fall over and get stabbed by one, then you'll be suing the council for not cleaning up pathways and causing harm to yourself (people sue councils for stubbing their toes on lifted pavements, and this is a better cause)... This will either send out cleaners more regularly, or as would be a better solution, setup a clinic or start to crackdown...

    Also +1 for calling the cops too... each time it happens, they cant have an "emergency" that "all the police in the area are attending", all the time... prepare photos of the subjects too, chances are they could be known already.

    Um... which ones you been talking too, maybe some, but they're probably the ones that are willing to get help, at least they've admitted the problem, I used to live with a guy who i didn't know was into the hard stuff (heroin or coke) till i was moving out and saw evidence left behind... otherwise he'd be just fine and dandy... :roll:
  20. I didn't say it it properly, I meant most of the heavy addicts know that they have a problem, while those who bash them don't...

    You raised another fair point: Drug addictions is also mothers on pills (or celebs) and alcohol, which is a drug too.
    Those with money are getting wasted on pills and coke. They have a house to go to and money to pay the doctors. Poor buggers with no money or future will get high on heroin in the streets.

    So is the problem the drug addiction or that those addicts are not rich enough to do it out of sight?