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how do i explain to the mechanic?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bonkerrs, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. My bike is not running smoothly. It's a 2011 Triumph Thruxton and it's under new bike warranty.

    I don't know how to explain the problem to the dealer. It's not running smoothly, usually in first and second gears. It kind of jerks (just slightly) but not violently while in a steady rev, eg. 40km/hr in 2nd.

    How would you explain this to the dealer?! I mean, I want to give them no excuse to send me away without looking at it.
  2. Try and explain, then hand over keys for a test.
  3. Sounds like a fuel mapping or perhaps fuel/air supply issue.
    Mine has a little niggle sitting on steady throttle, and after cleaning everything out fully it now has the occassional backfire while decelerating... says to me the fuel mapping could be better.
    Since im booked in for a dyno run for a new exhaust i decided i can live with it for another month - also getting the stock exhaust mapped better for if/when i need to put it back on.
  4. Is it carb or efi? sounds similar to what you get when your carbs aren't synchronised properly... It happens at low speed/low revs right? when your say putting along at 40kmh in a taller gear it chunks along and you need to pull the clutch in to smooth it out...
  5. efi sammy/ could be any number of things hope they sort it for you if not contact triumph australia directly and squeel like a stuck pig
  6. i would realy like one of these in red problems in second gear at 40kph would not bother me
  7. is your bike red?
  8. I'm not very mechanically minded but I did think about this. Just know about it cause my bike burbs and farts a lot on deceleration and I've googled and read it about it(and complained to the dealer)

    The model I've got is an EFI and has an after-market exhaust which is the reason for it's burbing/farting. I kind of like it now i'm used to it.

    It has been remapped for the after-market exhaust but apparently the burbing/farting will always be there.

    Though having said that, this problem has only started a few days ago.
  9. Any chance to show off my pride and joy! Even though it might be sick at the moment.

  10. oh dear its a black one, good luck with it any way
  11. only joking dude! how far from next service? as isaid before it could be any number of things
  12. Oh don't say it like that. She's a beauty.
  13. You describe it as surging, was an issue with my bimmer when it was a lot newer, fuel map may need tweaking or free up the exhaust with an aftermarket type.
  14. Excellent smee. "Surging" I'll use that. What's behind the clickable word? It comes up as an error.
  15. O2 sensor would be my only other guess as im hardly mechanically minded either :p.
    Might just need a service if your fairly confident in the mapping?
  16. It IS due for a service time wise but i've hardly reached the kilometres for service number 2. Maybe I should get it serviced anyway and see if it improves it.
  17. My Sprint (both of them) did it when new. Problem went away after about 2000km.
  18. Burbling is acceptable, crackling and popping is not. Crackling and popping is an indicator of a lean condition, in which case you should take her back and get it remapped further.

    A nice burble on overrun is simply the exhaust having a free and relatively open passage through which to run.

    On a side note, make sure the valve clearances are fine at the next check.

    CHeers - boingk
  19. You can't remap a triumph without a power commander. The ecu can accommodate a map either the standard, arrow map, or generic open map.
    Ktm and triumph are the only bikes able to accept ecu map updates from the dealer without an aftermarket tune box.
    You don't really have choices either it's one of the above or nothing.