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How do i clean melted plastic/nylon on chrome pipes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by crazychick, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. went to go for a ride on my new bike on the weekend & melted my rainpants on my pipes

    i cleaned off as best as i could whilst the pipes were hot but couldnt get it all off

    the bike shop suggested non-caustic oven cleaner & then run bike to heat up pipes but the can said do not heat up oven so i'm thinking that maybe this isnt the right approach (& yes i know its not an oven :p)

    has anybody got any suggestions?

    i did this the day i bought it .. so i'm stressing out .. as i'm sure most of you could appreciate :cry:

    very crazychick
  2. try nail polish remover. :)
  3. oven cleaner rawks, id go with mr muscle
  4. Vic

    mr muscle is the one i picked up and read

    do i heat the pipes up afterwards or just try it cold?


    would i try acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover?

    sorry to get so technical .. but i would be crushed if i were to damage them even more

    thanks .. appreciate it heaps
  5. I would run the bike to get it hot again and try and wipe off the nylon while it is hot and get as much off as possible (don't use a nylon cloth to wipe off ,, lol) Maybe alluminium foil might be good or just a cotton cloth.

    Then toothpaste is meant to be really good to polish up chrome and so is White Lilly (the stuff to clean pots and pans. I would test a bid underneath the pipe to make sure its not going to leave marks. But I remember my older brother used to use toothpaste or white lilly on his car many moons ago to polish the chrome and stainless parts and it would come up really good.

    DISCLAIMER: All care and no responsibilty taken for advice given :)
  6. Try using a soft scraper (like a flat wood paddleor wooden spatula) on the plastic, as you idle the bike and it heats teh pipse. I reckon if you try it as it heats, there wil be a point where the plastic is soft enough to come off in a solid chunk, but not so soft to spear everywhere.
    The oven cleaner is caustic, heating teh pipes WILL remove the chrome, done it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I used "Easy Off" oven cleaner on my Vulcan for the very same problem and it worked a treat. Followed it up with "Blue Metal" metal polish and the pipes look like new again.
  8. thanks for the replies guys/gals

    i ended up using thinners and my thumb nail which got most of it off

    will give it a go with "easy off" on the weekend to get the last of it

    once again thanks

  9. Chrome pipes? I'm thinking she melted her pants on the pipe that runs from the headers to the silencer. These pipes are generally stainless (some are Ti) so a caustic cleaner is less likley to damage the metal.

    I use Mr Muscle on the Saab's mags, spray on, leave for 10 mins, blast it all away with a pressure washer, spotless mags. They have not lost any paint off the alloys, nor have the Saab badges discoloured at all and they are plastic.