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How do I change the brake pads?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by SpRonG, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. How do i change my brake pads? detail + images would be nice

  2. Download the maintenance manual. Follow the instructions. Providing you are mechanically minded. Otherwise pay someone.
  3. what kind of bike ?
    it should be a 20min job if you know what your doing !
  4. it's a 2 banana job for sure. loosen the bolts holding the caliper (usually a 12mm or 14mm socket will do), force the pads apart a bit, undo the rod(s) that the pads slide across (might use flat head, allen key or needle nose pliers if there's a split pin), take the caliper off, put the new pads in, reinstall caliper, pump lever until firm. double check everything.

    break the pads in on your first ride. i build up heat in them slowly and am careful not to squeeze the brakes when the bike is not moving to prevent transfering any of the glazing onto the discs. with a little bit of heat, the glazing will burn off, the pads will be bedded in to match the grooves in your disc rotor, and you'll have optimal braking power again.
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    <<<<< check the profile haha ZX2R :D

    Thanks my mate knows how to do it but his busy with uni but he said he would 'supervise' but brakes are important so i dont know to mess around unless i know what im doing. i found this vid on youtube [media=youtube]VOF5TvRk8iM[/media]
    yeah its hell dark but it shows what N*A*M said. Thanks N*A*M