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How do highway patrol radars work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by theeICEMAN, May 19, 2011.

  1. How do they work? Is there a camera also?

    Sometimes I see officers stand outside the vehicles with the radars pointing...
    Is it possible for a stationary highway patrol vehicle (with the copper inside) still able to get you?

    I think I may have been caught?
    Officer was sitting inside the highway patrol vehicle, whilst I went by

    Although there was a time when one of my mates, got caught speeding, from highway patrol who was travelling in the complete opposite direction, he did a quick uturn and went straight for my mate, and told him how fast he was going. BOOM.

  2. They can ping you from four kays away.

    I was pulled over by the copper, and he got this woman coming towards us at least 3/4 kay away.
    No I didnt get done that time, He actually complimentd me for doing 91 in a 100 zone,
    But I did get done for doing the same ****ing speed by another one in a group booking by a cop going the other way, Took it to court and still got done,
  3. thing that puzzles me is, bikes dont have number plates at the front, im sure if you are going 110km-ish past a stationary cop car with the cop inside, it'll be difficult for the officer to even read your plates at the rear when you go flying by.
    How do they get you?
  4. Generally they pull you over, they need to verify who's driving/riding the vehicle (well, they don't have to, but I'm sure they enjoy pulling cars over), so if you weren't pulled over, you'll most likely be fine.
  5. Radars and speed cameras are 2 different things. Cops have hand held radars/lidar gun. and dash mounted radars and radars mounted on the outside of the drivers window. If you get pinged by a radar gun, they'll chase you down or a second cop will pull you over down the road. Mobile cameras will ping you (get licence plate on the pic) then send a ticket in the post. Check out Wikipedia for info on speed radar guns, quite interesting how they work...
  6. I didn't get pulled over...

    as for the mobile cameras... they couldnt possibly have gotten mine, theres none at the front? (btw the car was on a stretch facing towards me)
  7. What do you mean there's none at the front?
  8. They work well. They screw us over. I once was doing 101 kp/h, I farted as I approached a cop with a radar and he pinged me being over the limit. Apparently my fart had caused me to reach 103. So I got done for 1 k over.
    $165 and 1 point.

    Note to self - Do not fart while operating motorcycle.
  9. well since the vehicle was facing towards me, how would the mobile camera capture my number plate, when there's none at the front of mine? unless they have an in vehicle rear camera waiting for me until I pass them?
  10. As far as I know cops don't use "mobile" speed cameras anymore, (in NSW, anyone in the know please correct me if i'm wrong) A Private company is contracted to do that, white Ford Territory's with orange stripe, located around Sydney and surrounds. They can ping you both ways, coming or going.

  11. my last ticket, in '98, was this way.

    cple of days ago, in the cage, i got a stern lecture by a cop who pulled up beside me at a set of lights. he allegedly "observed" me, from afar, going above the limit "and then some..." in a 60 zone. i admitted, to him, i was going 70 when questioned.

    next set of lights a guy tells me to buy a lottery ticket.

    shortly after, same cop, turns his disco lights on some van to presumably, defect him....
  12. Same in Vic, they get you coming or going.
  13. This is correct, in NSW there are no mobile speed cameras except the white ford territories that are in pre-determined locations. They are accident (but not necessarily injury/fatality) blackspots. A list of the locations is here:


    That said, HWP officers can check your speed either with a handheld gun or with the car mounted radar. With the car mounted version it is linked to their speedo (to account for relative velocity) so they can ping you accurately while they are driving, regardless of direction. Regardless of whether they are stopped or moving, to get a ticket from a HWP officer, that officer or another car will have to pull you over and write you up.

    Same thing as above happened to my mate while we were heading out to the farm out west. Came round a bend doing ~130 and went past a cop travelling towards us, he hit the brakes but sure enough the lights came on and she did a u-turn. She told us how fast and even that she could tell we were slowing down, and ended up writing us up for 114 km/h because he previously had a clean record. Gave us a bit of a lecture about how out in the country its easy to creep over the limit when there's no other traffic. This was back when the lowest speeding fine was <15 km/h over, so I guess that was nice of her.
  14. I too can testify to this;

    Road was well, busy-ish and the cop coming the other way travelling behind a semi wasted no time to chuck a u-turn and come after us. I was amazed he got us even from behind the shelter of the truck. I was mighty impressed he didn't clean anyone up.

    Mind you was going 55km/h over the limit... my bad. One of my biggest mistakes i've ever made.