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How do carry suit to work

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by newbieWA, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. well guys,

    How could I take a jacket, pants + shirt on a bike without em wrinkling-up? Is there a suit bag that can strap on to your back or something?

    ???? or any other ideas?
  2. im lucky enough i can wear my trackies to work if i like, but id say take the suit one day and leave it at work and change into your leathers or watev you wear while riding. maybe just wear business shirt under jacket and put your suit on when you get to work? or even your suit under jacket but i duno how comfortable that would be...
  3. I take a shirt and Pants every day, they fit perfectly in the little pouch at the front of the VENTURA bag. I fold them like when you get them from the shop and after 30mins can hardly notice.

    As for the jacket, I would agree with HANDSY and take it in by on a weekend and leave it there when needed...

    Or possible folded lightly in the top of the bag maybe a couple of days before hand and let it hang on the back of your chair to get the creases out

  4. Or pack a small travel iron
  5. I have heard rolling them up and sticking them in a bag or backpack is the way to go, rather than folding.
  6. An expensive option would be to have two (or more) suits and leave one at work, along with shoes, tie, cuff-links etc. That way you'd only have to take a clean shirt each day. Every month you could take the car to work and do a swap, take the one at work to the cleaners, and replace it with a fresh one for another few weeks.
  7. +1 for this advice - tried and tested method over the years.
    Roll them carefully, and seams/ironed folds are protected
    Also - ask advice when buying the suit - different fabrics will be resistant to creasing!.
  8. an even more expensive option is
  9. Instead of taking the car, you could even use something like...I don't know, a wedding dress box strapped to your bike every couple of weeks (not that you'd catch me doing that :wink: .
    Now that's what I'm talking 'bout :!: :cool:
  10. I agree with the rolling, stockings are supposed to also help without it creasing.

    it usually packs smaller as well
  11. I used to travel with a suit quite often. The best I found was to roll the pants and jacket. Not overly tightly, but enough to hold the roll. No creases, works great
  12. Damn right ! :beer:
    I roll up all my clothes and throw em in my tailbag .. look ok and creaseless after a good shake :wink:
  13. While the KOSA suit is a great idea, I decided not to get one after watching a demonstration by the creator. It does do what it says, but it isn't as easy as I would have liked it to be.

    However, what about the Olympia Phantom Suit you were looking at Vic. Did you ever buy one?

    With one of these I reckon you could wear all but your suit jacket while riding, so you just need to roll up the jacket and carry it with you somehow.

    If you try it, let use know!
  14. I love the fact owning two suits is considered expensive. :LOL: They say a suit a day is the minimum for those working a full time, 5 day a week job and I agree that multiple suits are a prerequisite as you tend to take better care of your suit if you're not abusing it day in/day out (I have 3 I wear actively).

    I have actually been thinking about this myself and am planning to literally bring in my entire suit wardrobe into the office as the honest truth is I only wear it at work. I'll leave one suit at home for the Friday drinks where I don't ride in, but the rest of the gear can sit in a coat hanger or under my desk all week long.

    3rd option is - continue to catch bus and train!
  15. More or less what I was doing when I bicycled to work. Used to take my shoes, pants, shirts, etc back and forth in the bike's panniers. Then one day, realised that all I had to do was take fresh shirts to work on Monday and dirty shirts home from work on Friday, and the rest is easy!