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How Disappointing!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Today at work i was right in the middle of something fun for a change when my phone rang.

    It was AAMI getting back to me about my repair quotes for the accident i was in, First quote came back as a write off note, they didn't think it was damaged enough at AAMI so asked me to take it to bikecraft, i did, few days later the guy there called me and said looks like a write off too. GREAT! thats 5.2k to go towards the 05 CBR600 they had in the yard at bike craft.

    But alas no.. AAMI says after speaking to the guy at Bikecraft they worked out a way they can fix my bike.. :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!:

    Like seriously, WTF! I mentioned how i was told by both repairers that it was a write off and that if it was touch and go to write it off like thay said they could so whats going on? I was told the estimate for repairs is 4. something K and the bike is worth 5.2 on the glass guide.

    I thought about it and decided if take the money and palm the bike off for about a grand to a mate who wants to learn on it but no, the guy tells me i have no choice and i have to get it repaired!!

    This sounds like BS to me.

    They are claiming from the driver that hit me so why the hell would they make me get it repaired? wouldn't it be my choice to repair it or have the cash?
  2. Re: How Dissapointing!

    u dont get paid out and keep the bike to
  3. Re: How Dissapointing!

    Sure, if you wen't through the other drivers insurance yourself. But you wen't through your own insurance, and once you make the claim then it's totally up to them what to do.
  4. Repairers don't decide whether it's a write off, the insurance company does. Usually >65% of bike's value will lead to a write off decision... ISCN could confirm, but he's warming the bench at the minute...
  5. If its a writeoff and you take the money you dont get the bike. If its repairable, as they claim, you can usually negotiate a cash settlement and the bike stays yours - unrepaired of course. Just say to them you have decided to do the repairs yourself as a home project and need the cash to finance it. I did this twice with the same car after being gently rearended on two seperate occasions, just pocketed the money and kept driving the car, slightly banged up but still roadworthy.

    PS jsut reread my post as usual before clicking submit and wanted to add - no puns about being gently rearended twice please.
  6. That sux but you shouldn't assume it's a write-off until you hear it from the insurance company.

    The original quotes were probably with new replacement parts. Look at your insurance PDS, I’m sure they can use second-hand/refurbish/recondition parts as well as fix parts at their discretion to restore it back to its "previous" state.

    Is there any structural/frame damage?

    You do not get to keep the wreckage for free. However they may let you buy it at a price (if it was a write off).
  7. Purely economic.

    Insurance company has a policy payout of $X less your excess

    The assessor thinks bike will sell for $Y. Repairer advises cost to repair and they work out what is cheaper.

    Sure our bikes are our pride and joy, but not to the insurance company.

    +1 Nooky on used parts
  8. if the other vehicle was at fault, dont forget to claim ALL damaged items - gear (helmet, jacket, boots etc), phone damaged on impact? camera? backpack/gear bag? etc.


    only fair, as it wasnt damaged to begin with. is good to get new things too :grin:
  9. Go over your contract carefully, get a lawyers opinion, then tell them if they won't write it off, you will cancelling your policy after this claim. Claim the resale values after such a major repair is unacceptably impacted. IF they come to the table, great, if they dont for gods sake walk.

    Who wants to ride on a bike thats financially 80% of the repair cost.
  10. Sucks when your own insurance company who are supposed to look after YOU... don't. If the other party is at fault and has insurance then from my experience its better to go through their company than yours. Sure you MAY have to make some extra calls to hurry things up but quite often not.

    When my GTI got sideswiped my company, AAMI, were going to do their usual trick and farm it out to the cheapest bidder for repairs and while they said my chosen repairer's quote would be considered, there was no way his reputation for good work was ever going to compete with Dodgy Brothers price. So i put the claim via my policy on hold and just gave the car to my chosen repairer who then contacted the other party's insurance company, their assessor came out and repairs were started right away after that. Not sure how AAMI operate on bikes either but they have a growing bad reputation for the quality of the repairs they authorise on cars to the point where i know a couple of well known panel beaters who flat out refuse to deal with them as they cannot do acceptable quality work for what AAMI wants to pay, and i also personally know several cars that have had to go back many times for massively substandard work, one of them being written off AFTER the repair job!
  11. Re: How Dissapointing!

    Thanks shirlock, i re read my post about 50 times and still cant find the bit where i say i want the pay out for the write off and want to keep the bike..

    I want the money for the repair, then sell whats left of the bike. (its just cosmetic damage) then buy the CBR
  12. Yeah i spoke to the guy who is going to be doing repairs, a lot of the cost is paint work but there are a few replacements like the middle section of the fairing which is a grand and a muffler which is 500 thats just 2 items. it adds up quickly. Plus peter stevens and bikecraft told me kawasaki's parts are the most expensive too.
  13. Yeah new pair of hornees and i need to get another winter jacket, but i cant afford to just go buy another jacket so i will have to wait a few pay days, AAMI isn't going to help me in that department, they will pursue the cost through the other insurance company once i provide receipts (of the original products) but cant help me acquire them.

    Ohh and i have to turn in all damaged items i want cash for.
  14. Tell the insurance company you can not accept the repair figure, and you require an assessor to review the case and write the bike off, because:

    - Motorcycles rely on perfect mechanical order, to remain balanced and safe to ride. The insurance company can not guarantee your safety on a motorcycle that has been crashed and repaired.

    - The compromised resale value of your repaired bike will cause you undue economic hardship that is not being taken into account as a cost caused by their client who was at-fault.

    - State you will agree to a write-off figure of ($5.2? Whatever it is) and that that will settle the matter.

    They do negotiate.
  15. The 65% seems a little low. When dealing with Suncorp for my write-off they told me that it would have to be >80%.

    It depends on a few factors though, like when they have to offer lifetime warranties mechanics prices can go up (told this from the mechanic).

    I think though that the figure will change from one company to another.
  16. Yup, and don't be afraid to go to a supervisor, or their supervisor. Keep pushing until you feel you've reached the top. I haven't had a dispute with an insurance company in a while, but when I did I had to go up two levels from the guy on the phone before I got someone who 'could' and did negotiate.
  17. Who's going to know :?
  18. +1... this is my theory with any disuptes not just with insurance companies. Especially when dealling with call centres. You need to speak with a boss, someone that has authority and ability to make a flexible decision. Often the person answering the phone has a script and can't budge.

    As for a write off, unless there is strucutal damage, I always thought it came down to the cost of writing it off vs the cost of fixing it. And they always went with the cheaper option.
  19. Most bike shops will write you a quote for the replacement of gear at RRP to save you finding old reciepts. Give the quote and damaged gear to the insurer to claim the cash then go back to the dealer and purchase the new gear (usually at a discount if you choose the right shop). :)
  20. Thanks i might try that today and see how i go.

    Also, i got all the numbers together and did my own calculations (well scumbag did) and found out it was over 75% repair cost so i complained some more to AAMI they said "No thats after gst" to they calculate it all before gst, even though they have to pay gst anyway??? weird.

    But after going in 3 times yesterday they made some calls, claim pickles cant sell it for much as it is so they are going to write it off!!!

    FINALLY! But i'm going to miss riding while i look for another BIGGER bike!
    Geez i better go use the full tank today before i hand it over.