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How did you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Predecessor, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Saved your arse off?

  2. Personal loan?

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  3. Hocked off your life possessions?

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  4. Sold the cage?

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  1. How did you obtain your first / current bike?

  2. Took a chunk of the house deposit.
  3. saved $500 and bought it from a wreckers.
    lots of fixing and learning, which i reckon is the best way to get to know bikes.

    at least then you can tinker with them later on :)
  4. Loan..

    I'm of the "Credit Generation".. I think thats what we're called.. :roll: :LOL: :LOL:

    I couldnt save that money... I always spend it once it starts to look really good.. :twisted:
  5. Redrew from my home loan.
  6. i am from the "credit generation" too, im not that old ;)

    but i owe a grand total of $0 to any financial institution, loans are evil and i will never ever have a credit card (except the corporate card i have been forced to have for work) :grin:
  7. Sold a couple of race pushies.

    But now I'm saving for a track bike and a dirt bike :grin: It's the only thing that gets me to work, gotta pay for my toys! :cool:
  8. Sold my cage (01 Lancer) for $10k and got the bike and another cage (92 Scooby wagon)
  9. Same here.

    Chose "saved" because you've effectively paid above and beyond your normal repayments to get the redraw :cool:
  10. Saved my arse off. I've paid cash for all my vehicals. It does give dealers a shock sometimes cause when you say you'll pay cash, they assume you mean a cheque and are annoyed about having to count it. Last time I was nice about it and got a bank cheque for them. :grin:

    But yeah, I was always taught to work for the things I want so that's what I do. Never had a loan or even a credit card. :) Have on the other hand spent much of my evenings in the past eating hombrand 2min noodles. :(
  11. Personal Loan.

    Actually bought the bike with my Visa card, then paid it off before they could charge me any interest :)

    I could have paid cash for it, up front - but I was taking the loan for such a short period of time, the interest was pretty negligible, so I opted for better cash flow and retention of 'just in case' money.

    ... plus, I know the bank won't have any problems lending me twice as much for my next bike, 'cause I paid this loan back without any problems.
  12. Where is the "what is it with you wogs and cash??" option
  13. First bike I loaned the money off my parents and sweat both blood and tears to have them paid back within 3months, I was studying at the time - but as it was during christmas break from uni I could work full time - and as I wasnt used to the extra cash I gave it straight to the olds..

    Next bike, got a loan...I'm trying to pay back above the monthly repayment amount so I can have it paid off asap...however with another trip to the uk imminent, looks quite unlikely... :cry:
  14. We sold the BF's cage to get his first bike. We really only need one car.

    Then he got a loan for his 1300, sold his 250 & we used the cash from that to buy my 250.

    Sold my 250 & used the cash from that to get me a new PC.

    I took out a loan for my Hornet but saved my arse off to afford the mods to it.
  15. For legal reasons i can't say. :LOL: :LOL:
  16. My tax return covered it. :cool:

    Deposited the cheque, waited 5 days, withdrew it as shiny new yellow notes, and the bike shop swapped the yellow notes for a yellow bike.. :grin:
  17. Settlement money. :) And it looks like the settlement money will be buying me my upgrade in however many mths time too.

    Thanks ex! :p

  18. a little from column a and d, and a lot from column b.
  19. buy low, sell high kids, that's the key...
  20. Savings for the Z and the GTR. Both bought cheap, off Ebay sight unseen and worked on extensively.
    I have a thing about credit and motor vehicles, I also have a thing about not paying market value for motor vehicles too!

    Regards, Andrew.