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How did You spend New Year's ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone here a very Happy, Safe & Prosperous 2009!
    May the problems you had, forget your home address :wink:

    We went against the grain the year. Instead of seeing the new year in with family ( usually at someone's home ), we decided to attend a new year's celebration at Bentleigh RSL :LOL:
    We were there with a few friends, one of which was the entertainment for the night ( The Unrighteous Brothers ). I gotta admit I felt a little out of place at first, and didn't expect much, seeing as the average age of those attending were old enough to be my parents .. and some, my grandparents.
    All in all it was a GREAT night. $45 a head, meals & sweets incl.
    The best part was the prices of drinks at the bar!
    Did my best to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum, 7:00-1:30 saw me consume around 4 light beers & 2 spirits ( cointreau & ice ).
    Encountered ZERO police on the way home, not that I thought I'd need be worried :wink:

    So ... how did you spend yours ?
  2. Happy New Years!

    I also went against the grain this year.
    Rather than partying for two days solid, I spent New Years Eve with mum who would have been alone without me.
    We ended up popping a bottle of 1995 Bollinger R.D. and went to bed at 11pm hah!
  3. I, worked, surprise surprise :( at Phillip Island for new years.
  4. We'd driven from Sydney to Brisbane yesterday, and were pretty buggered, but decided to go over to some friends' place to see in the new year. Having an 18 year old with a freshly minted license who doesn't drink much meant we had a designated driver, so a few Coronas were enjoyed and then some Rock Band played. Little bit of a headache this morning, though I think more a remnant of flu and the big trip than a hangover. Good times, though.
  5. Sleeping.......
  6. Went to NRHQ early on in the night, then moved to another party for the countdown :grin:
  7. Went to Five Islands Brewery. Had the best lamb shanks of my life, followed by some drinks, a few shots of Sambuca, then a walk I don't really remember to watch the fireworks at the harbour. My head hurts this morning :LOL:
  8. :LOL: :p

    my last two have been pretty average, so im awake for 51 hours, short of a 1 hour doze on the couch yesterday, 36 hours of which are partying :grin: Sensation at Telstra Dome, along with 34000+ others! then Summadayze today, as well as the afterparty we are running at Billboard :grin:

  9. Dinner in Wollongong with my brother and his wife, and then down to Belmore Basin for a truly spectacular fireworks display, I'm sure JP will agree.

    Midnight?? I was sound asleep, New Year is a calendar construct anyway :LOL:

    Happy 2009 to my fellow-riders, fellow fakers, and all you liars who put your birthday down as the 1st of January when you signed up :rofl:.
  10. +2.....Original plan was Flips and party at HQ, but sleep deprivation one the battle.
    Besides, Im soooooo over waking up and starting the first day of the year hungover ](*,) dat cit is getting old
  11. Friends over to dinner and then sat up on the balcony having a drink and looking across to the city watching the fireworks in the distance (and all the local illegal ones going off around Brunswick) :LOL:
  12. :shock: :shock:
  13. Some friends came over for a BBQ and a few drinks. Then we carried an esky full of beer over to a house party. We continued to drink lots more Corona, enjoyed champers in the pool and scored shots of tequila at midnight. It was an incredible night.
  14. At a good mates with a few others in a very very hot spa! It was a great evening.
  15. Nice bbq over the road at a neighbour's place. Good food, good company, good beer. Very nice.
  16. Watched the Melbourne Fireworks in the city from the car on the bridge between Crown and the Aquarium AND on the car tv saw the Sydney fireworks.
  17. My partner took me and her daughter to church!! It was one of those singing church to "rock" music. At least everyone was very well behaved and there was no alcohol. I didn't hate it but I did not enjoy it as well. I felt indifferent.

    It's was a big change from from my much younger youth when I saw fighs, drunks, etc.

    Hopefully, next year, we'll do something very different. I would rather work and earn extra money (penalty rates) than goto church again.
  18. I rode home from Wangaratta over Hotham. Had Chinese for dinner then went to see "Australia" (better than I expected) got home at 11:00 and went to bed soon after. Went to work at 8:00am 1 Jan 09
  19. tony and I attended the 'taco flavoured kisses pool party' at Miranda's (singer in my band) bro in law's place. got shitfaced & ate lots of tacos.
    I think there might be some shots of me with maraccas shaped like penises showing up on the net soon....
  20. :LOL: Sounded like you had a good day from the SMS I got Chris :wink:
    Sorry I hadn't replied. Must suck having to go back to work on the 1st :shock:
    Weekend is looking good for a spur run. Haven't been back there since my first attemp' , emphasis on 'attempt' :roll: