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How did you sell your last bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, May 17, 2007.

  1. here on netrider

  2. bike sales

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  3. bikepoint/motorcycle trader

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  4. trading post

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  5. Glad I had Insurance

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  6. Sold by word of mouth/friend

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  7. ebay

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  8. traded it in

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  9. Sold via another forum (not Netrider)

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  10. Other (explain in post please)

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  1. I'm amazed how long some bikes sit here on netrider, I'm guessing they want to get the highest price as they are usually upgrading so it's its all about changeover and getting more than a dealer will offer them.

    Managed to sell three bikes in 12 months in a few weeks each time;

    Sold my Harley to a mate I work with.

    Caponord to a Ulysess member after he posted up he was interested in a dual sport

    KLR to an advrider member, I actually met for a few beers and he wanted to know how the KRL went so I let him ride it and a month later I told him I was selling it and he bought it.

    See some cheap deals on eBay, and guessing that many sellers just want to get out of bikes.

    And my guess is "Insurance Company" will not be last :wink:

    Post up and I'll add any other options I've missed.
  2. Sold via a forum (not Netrider).

    Took around a week.
  3. mine was sold while in for service at a dealer

    lady walked in looking to buy a bigger bike
    saw mine...thought it was dealer stock and tried to
    buy it..iI got a call on the mobile
    did I want to sell? price was negotiated
    bike stayed with dealer for roadworthy
    and gone..to a good home

    I still see HER (she was a blonde lady) riding it around

  4. Yeah OK - another forum

    Bugger - I can't edit the Poll Options. PM sent to Mod.
  5. Word of Mouth - no external advertising :?:
  6. Voted - Here on Netrider.
  7. had it posted on here for a month and also on bike sales got one msg off bike sales add where the guy was absolutly fooling himself

    ended up selling it by word of mouth i guess i'd call it, one of the members off here told their friend about it they joined, messaged me, flew up from tassie and bought it
  8. Sold
    2 stolen
    1 forum other
    2 ebay

    1 friend
    3 ebay
    2 Auction

    net gain of 2 BIKES :shock: :grin:

    thats for me and my mate combined
    last ones were all ebay,
    bikepoint and bike sales are horible and so not worth it, trading post i got a few calls but not one came and saw it. Ebay is bang for ur buck
  9. Bought from Bikesales and looked in trading post! I guess that still applies?
  10. bikesales, it was on here as well but nobody was interested (other than phizog)
  11. How'd ya work that one out dude [​IMG]

    5 bikes sold
    6 bikes bought

    Net gain of a single bike according to my calculations. [​IMG]

    *MG used calculator just to make sure* :p
  12. gav my last bike away :)
    might be sold at a later date
  13. 2 on ebay. Wasn't a member here then :roll:
  14. Netrider.
    ALso advertised on bikesales and had heaps of calls - three on the first day the ad was up. Even had offers without inspections, although the photos were detailed and the bike was showroom.

    Posted it up about a month before restrictions were up, thinking it would take a little while to sell.

    It took about a week I think. I got what I wanted for her, but now I am bikeless. Deposit on new bike was down the day after I sold the VTR :)
  15. Written off in accident - wreck given to me after payout and sold as salvage
  16. i advertised in the Trading post.
    Sold the bike the day it appeared on their website.
  17. I advertised on bike sales, and the second guy that came around took it for a test ride, crashed it. Yes, that's right - he crashed it.

    Paid me the full asking price in cash a couple of days later!.
  18. I forgot to to add, that when selling my Caponord, I literally put the add on bike sales the same day I sent the PM to Ulysses member and organised the sale.

    Seeing as I paid for the advert, I did some market research. Got about six calls - and four were pretty serious and so we chatted about the bike, its pluses and minuses and what else were they looking at.
  19. +1 bought from dealer
    my bad i 4 got the suzi
  20. I advertised My zzr on bikesales, bikepoint and here on netrider.
    I know that Tyrelever who bought my bike was a member here before he bought my bike so figure that he saw it advertised on netrider, but i never really found out which ad he had seen. I like to think it was netrider.