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How did you pay for your first bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan_, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Got a NEW bike - paid cash

  2. Got a NEW bike - financed it (dealer, credit-card, personal loan, etc.)

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  3. Got a recent (low km's, up to 3 years old; wanted a top example but without the "brand new surcharge

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  4. Got a recent bike - finance

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  5. Got a more significantly used (high km's or age; low cost being a key selling point) bike - cash

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  6. Got a more significantly used bike - finance

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  7. Hired it (long term)

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  8. Borrowed it (free or minimal charge)

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  9. Never got a LAMS bike: bluffed my rider tests, waited for my restrictions to run out and went straig

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  1. Hey all!

    I wan't to conduct a bit of market research; considering you're all my target market (motorcyclists) I was wondering if you'd be able to help? (please)

    There's alot of talk about two wheeled transport reducing traffic congestion, easing parking, and being low cost; and, many manufacturers are now focussing on LAMS bikes and the new rider market... so I am thinking that motorcycling will be going through some form of growth spurt in the near future...

    I am looking at ways of making it easier for new riders to get into motorcycling and am querying methods of payment for your FIRST BIKE, hence this poll question:

    How did (or, for new riders: will) you buy your first bike?

    Cheers in advance!
  2. who do you work for?
  3. I don't see a: "Me mum lent me the dosh to buy a bike that does 285 clicks and now I can't pay her back... Mwahahaha"
  4. Currently I work at the University of Sydney in a teaching position...

    I've decided I want to start a business doing what I love - and right now thats all things motorcycling.

    It seems to be a tough industry to crack, and I'm looking for a niche - and I think I'm on to something good.

    I'll be seeking opinions on the idea soon (after I've done more research).

  5. *commercial radio shock-jock voice* Cold hard c-c-c-c-c-caaaaassssh.
  6. Santa delivered mine :LOL:
  7. damn! someone's onto my idea! :wink:
  8. I borrowed 2 grand for a bike a couple of years old - which was reasonable. But I'm 44 now, make a very good income indeed (verging on 6 figures) but am cash-strapped due to debt. Way too much borrowing for depreciating assets like cars, bikes and computers.

    So if *at all* possible save up and pay cash, even if it means starting on something a bit less schmick. Yourself in 20 years will thank you, trust me.
  9. bought new with credit card.

    Sure, I could have saved up, but the amount of $ it saves me in travel expenses (~$100/wk) is about 4:1 times the interest of the $ to pay for the bike.

    So buying it asap was actually a sound financial decision.
  10. cash, and not much of it. its a difficult market to start up in. not difficult to survive.
  11. Why do you say that?
  12. OTHER

    It was my boyfriends so for the last 10 months or so I've been paying for it with sex, then I finally got the loan to pay for it...
  13. Cat with fleas

    :rofl: :rofl: :smileysex: :rofl: :rofl:


    Back to the question

  14. THE Post of the Year, perhaps even the decade :rofl:
  15. Bought my immaculate 97' ZZR 250 with my tax refund. That was a satisfying moment.
  16. only 'new' bike shop ive seen in a while is alto chatswood. most riders i talked to 1.5 years after they opened didnt know they existed. they had to open on a sunday to get any business :LOL:. havent seen a bike shop go bust for years.

    there are alot of people who wont trust their bike with a new business.

    (i think alto's business has picked up quite quickly but they have been open for a few years now and they have the advantage of lots of capital)

    my advice isnt worth the bits and bytes of data it uses. im 20 and have no experience in the area. purely observations.
  17. I hired a 50cc scooter (in pretty shocking condition) while I was on my learners, but returned it after I got my license. Was using it for work and got my boss to contribute to some of the costs.

    Once I got my license I bought a 27 year old CB250N, which I had to drive out to Kalgoorlie to collect. Took me 21 hours return, including slowing down constantly when the car overheated and 2 hours for dinner as the pub was really busy on Australia day (but worth waiting for).

    Then I got a low interest rate loan on my dad's account using the equity in his house to get the Bonnie.
  18. paid cash

    for both the 250 and R1
  19. financed both mine and my wifes bikes a 2007 gpx 250 and her 95 virago 250, 2 months ago, now refinancing to trade them in and upgrade, expensive but worth it the new bikes are planned to be ridden 10 years or so, thank goodness :shock:
  20. Other. As in "different"."Special", in a window-licker sense. As in I bought mine as a wreck for $600 cash, of course, and built it with a mate as I was getting my license. Good incentive, I tell ya.