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How did you get your job?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Just curious.

    Don't need to say what the job is, but how you got it, the series of events leading to it, what drew you to it etc etc.

    Curious as I am looking at getting a second job but have forgotten how i actually got my first one to begin with... It's different when you're not unemployed and desperate for anything!
  2. just at coles deli atm

    had an ages old system that updated me about avaliable coles jobs and one came up that I could do and the time suited me. Applied, got to group interview, hammered that, second interview was pretty much just confirmatory, hammered that, started working a week later.

    If you are going casual, now is the time to apply. Just walk around stores handing in a resume and badger them until you get a job. Depending on how good you are, you don't even have to be liberal, rarely have I applied to more than 5 places at once.
  3. coles deli! I've always wondered what it's like working there, honest!

    ...what's it like?
  4. i WAS unemployed and desperate.
    well, not desperate as such, but i hate sitting round doing nothing all day

    all i did was scour websites like seek and careerone, aswell as local papers.
    after maybe a month i started applying for jobs i didn't think i was qualified enough for, and after about a week trying that, i was offered a job in my current company, though in a different role to what i do now.

    and i hear you about it being different, i'm looking to move on, doing something similar if i can, but the money i currently get is pathetic for the job, so trying to get more coin. and i'm not getting far past applications
  5. I took a bike for a test ride. And they offered me the instructors job. Right place right time.
    I was teaching posties on their refresher courses and after talking to a few I thoughts I could earn me a few extra $$$ being a contractor.
    Good jobs that work together.
    I'm always looking for cheap young riders and I issue licenses. lol
  6. no idea what to do out of school, did a few nights (yes, nights) with a sparky family friend.

    just drifted into that, did a pre-app, got a job out of that for being at the higher end of the class. went to... 2 interviews before i got my current job.

    currently almost 2 years in, so halfway through my apprenticeship. no work currently though, company is struggling.. so got a few weeks off to hopefully pick some stuff up.
  7. employment agency.
  8. Casual jobs I just popped my resume into the store I wanted to work at...but most of the time I got a mate in the inside getting me the job for casual positions...that was during uni days.

    After I graduated, I searched through Seek. First and current positions have been found through the website and I am pretty happy with it. Easy, simple to use and just got to keep up to date with your resume if you apply.

    If it's a full time position, a cover letter should be written and also resume should be no more than 3 pages IMO. Have heard some companies just skim...so only put relevant stuff on the CV.
  9. Walked in and asked for a job. That was 18 years ago. Now I run the place :D
  10. A guy I worked with at my last job left for another job, we stayed in contact and a few months later he called and said there was an arvo shift job going and if I worked o/t I would earn double what I was currently getting.... lined up an interview 2 weeks later I was working there.
  11. I completed year 12, and got a job as a factory hand while I was still figuring out what I wanted to do for the next 50 or so years, getting like $10 an hour at McDonalds to going to work in a factory as a junior no less, I was getting paid a heap, I was living at my Dads and had to pay no rent/board just help with the chores, it was awesome.

    Most days was Monday to Friday would be 6am to 4:30pm (2 hours over time each day) and Friday would leave at 2:30, I'd much rather get to work earlier in the morning and finish earlier in the afternoon and head to the local pub for drinks and a punt.

    On Saturdays we would do 5am to 10am if we wanted to (personally I wanted as much money as possible because I would probably just lounge around on a Saturday morning any way), I would finish up at 10am and head back to my mums house in the Shire and would go out in the night.

    A bit longer then a year I called it quits on that job and just lived off the money for about 3 months and my brother in law asked if I wanted a job where he worked, I was like yeah I'll see if I can get interested in it and see how I go and so now I'm there working on getting Custom Brokers licence.
  12. Because I am awesome lol.

    Basically got a call from the mob im working for asking me if i want to work with them and they want to pay me exorbitant amounts of money to do so. I said yes :) . Had worked with them previously on other contracts so they went looking for me.
    Triple the money a year and half the time at work, 5 times the contract length to my old job. Win.
  13. Very interesting, very interesting...

    For those who have worked contracts, how have you found them? Why did you take them? What did you need?
  14. Depends on the contract. My first job was an on going contract, however there is always the risk that when the shit hits the fan, I would have been the one to go. Lucky during GFC I was not affected.

    Current job is a 3 year contract...full time benefits with possible extension after the 3 year term (pending funding).

    So it depends on the contract and what job.
  15. Similar to phong. 4 years with more work in for approval.
    Scale of project is such that gfc doesn't affect it - 25 billion with possibly same again.
  16. Contracts are awesome. Better money, more variety, most of the time. I got my contract with the current mob by word of mouth, CIO callled me up and offered me some good coin, so I got 2 collegues and started a business and told him we would work that way! 4 years on company is still going, alas now I am bored with it. In the throngs of flicking it and going to work in the mines for something different.
  17. Thanks guys, if you don't mind my asking, what is the nature of your contracts? What is it you actually do?
  18. Dredging supervisor in gladstone for the LNG construction.
  19. not terrible but there are better jobs. I would say it's probably the best coles has to offer. Unlike most casual jobs, you never get a lull for a few minutes here or there it's just go go go, the time flies with large amounts of customer interaction. They give really good breaks though which makes up for the odd few minutes here and there.

    I preferred working in the pharmacy, that was a pretty cool job particularly considering I was one of two guys that worked there on more than just a weekend basis. Most of the rest of the staff were just out of school or young twenties. All the politics and bitchiness that brought the place down in the end managed to skip my stop, so I really enjoyed it there.
  20. That sounds exciting. I have no idea what it entails, but it sounds exciting.

    How do you find working for such a large company, especially in comparison to a pharmacy?