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how did you decide on ya ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. how did you pick ya bike??

    this is my tale:

    First of all I love honda builds, reliability, longevity and performance.

    Not a fan of the busa's style and I have always (and still do) dislike kwakas since those noisy death (late 70's) machines.....it is amazing how an adolescent memory simmers along.

    I ride a hornet 900 and it is a great bike and I ride with about 6 birds. I wasn't even thinking of getting one until Karl secretly bought one and turned up to a meet one night and it was such a beautiful machine. He let me sit on it and I thought it would be wrist and neck snapping............which is far from the truth.

    I already knew how the birds went as I tour with a few birds and believe it or not, the hornet9 only falls down in comparision in the power straights (naked bike, geared lower etc etc).

    Still wasn't going to get one but started trolling e bay and bikesales just to see what was out there....little did I know I was already hooked.

    The brain started sending signals of how can you move money around etc etc to buy a bird. I even asked here for members to test interstate birds for me. Then the light came on for the excuse.............I will soon be 50..CLINCHER!!!!

    I rang the local dealer on a friday afternoon now 2 weeks ago, deposit on Saturday morning and picked up a new bird on Tuesday. I stalled her at the take off from the dealer as I hadn't even test rode any bird, but was really confident on how she would go and have not been dissappointed.
    I didn't tell the missus (I always buy bikes this way) and just rode her home (the bike that is, although the other came later)and parked her next to the hornet9.

    nearly got the 1000k mark up and I have given her a workout(the bike) through a putty loop and she is brilliant (both the bike and the missus)

    I have done a few cosmetic and comfort mods already, but mainly rear suspension shim, bar risers to improve ride and I cannot fault her.

    Keeping the Hornet9 (very underrated bike)for work duties and commuting as she does do that much better than the bird, but come the weekend out comes the bird for some tours and fun.

    Luv 'em both!!

    your story?????

  2. i picked mine because it was red and shiny
  3. Like naked or nearly naked bikes. Rode a couple and just fell in love with the raptor. Love the styling, and the fact it's the best of both worlds for me Jap engine, gearbox, and most of the eletrics, wrapped up in a nice Italian suit.
  4. It had 2 wheels and went brrrrrrt-brrrrrrt!!
  5. It was $500 and LAM's approved.
  6. hi, my names joel, and i am a dirty rotten bike horde.
    if i was to start the story for every bike, including the ones under the house, we'd still be here tomorrow :LOL:
    i just like 'em
  7. oh.....so did you get the starter fixed?
  8. My bike had to be practical and versatile and good value.

    I have a soft spot for Suzuki 4's but I like most bikes and every manufacturer puts out at least one bike I could live with.
    I believed the Bandit to be the best value bike for what I was requiring.
    Plenty of others have since agreed with me.

    It wont be my last bike but I'll be keeping it.
  9. I needed a commuter fast and it was going real cheap. No complaints but I too am looking at a new bird...I reckon fully kitted out with panniers and it could be perfect for the Sydney - Jindy 'commute'.
  10. Used to commute on the dirt bike. Lived in Fitzroy.

    Bought a mortgage. Moved 40km from the city, all freeway.

    Needed a roadie.

    Lusted after a TRX850. No dice since my Girlie wouldn't like sitting on the back, and I wouldn't blame her.

    Considered Blackbirds, VFRs, seriously considered a DL650 V-Strom and then common sense took hold.

    Needed something cheap. Like under $4K cheap due to being at the pointy end of the mortgage.

    Needed something unattractive since we'd had a shocking run with thieves (whom I hope have all died a horrible lonely painful death) and I didn't want it stolen.

    Needed something discrete that doesn't get every cop wanting to pull me over. Was pulled over three times in one week doing the same 5km commute on the chookie and was NEVER doing anything wrong, never issued with an infringement and I was well sick of it. One clown pulled me over because he said my bike was too dirty.

    Needed something that was going to last and was easy to service myself.

    I bought the bike most widely voted 1985 bike of the year, with 89,000km on it. It's so bad it's good!

  11. Roadracing and motocross, is there a better combo??? Well there is, but we're talking bikes...
  12. It's the sound of fooly sik 12 uhclokin moite.- I can't wheely for shit- and it had a dlcky starter switch....:S
  13. Noice choice!
  14. I picked mine coz it was labelled "Ninja."

    Yeah yeah, laugh all you want... that's what it is.
    But I did consider the fireblade, and R6 as well. :p
  15. I picked the GS00F because

    1) LAMS approved
    2) Wasn't Korean
    3) Looked half-decent for a LAMS bike
    4) I fitted comfortably on it

    6000k's and a front-end suspension sorting later, we have bonded nicely. It'll go when I get rid of the pesky Loser-Plate and I'm allowed to go bigger, most likely a GSX-650F...although the B-King is starting to look good to me :LOL: Maybe I should get my eyes tested.

    Lost my road-bike cherry to Suzuki, having a good experience there and they seem to have all bases covered...there is a bike in their range for everyone. I can't see myself buying anything else.
  16. I narrowed it down to a ZX9R (because when I sat on one it fitted like a glove - unlike the other hyper sports bikes), a Sprint ST (cause trumpy's are cool and they tour well) and a VFR 800 (because of all the gadgetry inside one and they tour well)...

    ...I tried the Sprint ST and liked it - except for the heavy clutch... but PS wouldn't come down on price in any way, so I said I'd think about it.

    I couldn't get a test ride on a VFR ANYWHERE!!!... despite saying to a few Honda dealers that I was in the market and ready to buy, all they had to do was arrange a test ride... never heard from a single dealer... so I simply discounted it.

    Then I took the 9R out for a spin and it was maniacal love at first blush... and it was $2k LESS than the Sprint... It was a no brainer.
  17. My husband had one for his first bike, so it made sense to have one for my first bike as well...

    but I did go and sit on a heap of different bikes - except the ER6 cause its way too fugly for me! - and then sat on the GPX and it all felt right compared to the others. I look at other bikes because they are pretty, but I ride my Geepy because she fits me best!
  18. I didn't pick my bikes......
    Got my '75 CB400F from a guy I knew who didn't ride her because it was too lite. He offered her to me because I just got my license, and ransacked my accounts, why not? Bought the bike with some 60.000 km on her and crashed her against a car with something over 120.000 (second crash too, first one was just after two weeks, had to wait six months before I could use my righthand and arm properly for the repairs). But, after three happy years on the 400 I wanted something bigger and the nephew of my best friend had an imported CB750 with only 18.000 on it (is this something for you?). Made a testdrive (no plates, mirrors, insurance) and bought her. Looks good, strong engine and fast enough for me. Took her on a trip to the Northcape in Norway. Still runs pretty good, now some 80.000 km on her. Than the guy from who I bought my first bike called and asked if I was interested in his Harley. Actual his wife's bike but with the kids and a bad back, riding was out of the question. So, I bought the Harley....and owned three bikes.....luckely I could share a rented garage to store two bikes, as I used the 400 for commuting (and short trips)
    Than a trucky at work offered me his XJ900 for a very low price....thought about it, could afford it, wanted something bigger (I bought the 750, finally a heavy bike, went to a ralley and all of my mates had bigger bikes....)
    Used that one for a trip to (a.o.) Spain/Portugal and she still runs good.
    Than my best friend bought a CB750 ratkbike off the internet, but couldn't get it running properly and had no interest in getting it running good (you wanted something like this?). So he sold it to me for the same price. Got it running properly and made the most stupid rookie mistake after 12 years and some 150.000 km on the road....I didn't check the oil....
    But, there is always hope so I traded a case of beer for another CB750 without plates but loose engine. Got to keep myself busy.
    So now I own 5 bikes.....(without the beerbike which will be wrecked for engine and parts) won't sell any of them....and, how many can say that they still own their first bike?
    Than...which is the best, or finest or so ride? Mmmmm all of them, depends on the journey (it's never the desitination) The CB400 is very good for commuting and short trips, the first 750 for long rides, the XJ900 for long rides with girlfriend and camping gear, the Harley always gives me a very big smile when she will run (she's Italian....meaning made in Italy.....) the ratbike is to be my tech project to get her on the road again, and waking the neighbours on Saturdaymorning to go off to rally's (okay, here it's partail the destination).
  19. i picked my bike cause i thought it looked and sounded awsome

    and this was the only bike i test riden before buying :LOL:

    all the other bikes were just...........hmmmm i like that one....ill take it :grin:
  20. i bought the SV cause port80 made me!!

    he heard it was for sale, nagged me to death to take it for a test ride. went and rode it, and after 20 minutes scaring the death out of cagers and generally helping improve the already diminished reputation of motorcycle riders, i bought it on the spot. its one of those things i think, it doesnt matter how many bikes you ride, you just know its the right one.