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How did you cope being without a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by out_of_order, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. I'm getting married soon, and i need money for the honeymoon. The thing is i have the hard decision of either having to sell the bike or the car to raise funds for the holiday. As much as i love the bike, i don't know how i can cope with using it everyday for work.

    So may i ask you guys how did you all cope when you didn't have your bike to ride either it be long term or short term?

  2. Don't do it!

    Don't sell the bike either. :LOL:
  3. The answer: not very well.
  4. Mate, my bike is in the garage and I haven't ridden it since the 11th of November ........ and I'm missing it ..

    Remember the honeymoon will probably last 2 weeks, but the bike will always be their and it never gets a headache... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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    i WISH i could ride the bike to work everyday.

    sell the car.
  6. I haven't been on a bike for a week now after 2yrs of constant daily commuting rain, hail, and shine. All those talk/news about holiday traffic madness got to me.

    I actually LIKE it. More relaxed. Taking the bicycle then train to work. The bike is now going to do more weekend & track riding and in fact if I don't have it I'm actually OK !

    If I were you I would sell the bike and worry about getting it later in life. There are more important things than bike.

    In saying that it would be mad to be bikeless a year ago :wink: the novelty does wear off.
  7. I have had a bike for the last 29 years and never been with out one,so i cant help ya with the no bike thing,all i can say is good luck on those sunny days and your windows open and the breeze is warm and then --------- a bike goes flyin by :shock: ,sorry not much help here just a taste of things to come :cool:
  8. 1 week? Let us know how you go.

    As the weeks go by you may start to feel more of an urge to ride. Happened to me when my bike was in the shop. I'll tell you it felt sooooo good to be back on :grin:
  9. Don't do it you fool! Nothing and I mean NOTHING! Is worse than selling your bike for extra cash, sell your body if you have too just not the bike, mark my words you'll regret it, just take her away for the weekend and give her a real honeymoon next year......... :grin: ..she'll understand, trust me....... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p

    p.s Cope....I didn't.
  10. Hmmm interesting.

    i guess i can look at it on the bright side like java. But damn petrol is getting a bit much and where i can last for 250kms on a full tank on the bike with only $15. It will cost me $70 to acheive 300kms on the car. Hmmm now the question is where can i put my damn art folio on my bike lol. Maybe i can do something like this >>>>> viet7705.
  11. I haven't owned a bike YET.. buying one in few months... at the moment I'm feeling stressed out cause I want to get one and get everything over and done with... oh well only a few more months :p

    I dunno how long you've been riding for .. etc. but I reckon you should keep your bike, you can always take your wife on a honeymoon on the bike, right?
  12. Dingy clubs, fast cars, & slutty women occupied my time prior to getting a bike.
    Fark i miss all that :LOL:
  13. Errr... have you considered cost of tyres, insurance, motorcycle oil? cost of those weekend blasts? It cost me $50ish for each "trip" to the spurs and go higher if reefton/eildon is on the menu :wink: ... what about the fines & subsequent logical reaction - track days ? Riding gear and their depreciations ?

    I'm as passionate to bikes as any punters out there. Been on bikes & scooters 15+ yrs but if forced to choose I'd rather keep the car thanks...
  14. It sucks.

    Haven't ridden a bike since early november and won't ride one untill I outgrow my learner licence in april. In the beginning it was not too bad but it's getting worse now. It feels like my life is empty without one. You see, I don't have a trip to prepare on friday night, I don't have anything to do the entire weekend and I don't see my biking mates as much as I would before.

    I've bought motoGP racing on the xbox to keep the feeling but it was useless, switched the thing off after 10min. Netrider and other fora help, as do sleeping.
  15. I'd sell the chariot, buy a cheaper one and keep the bike.
  16. My bike is the only way I stay sane. I think my fiance understands that now. My bike had a flat and I couldn't get it seen to for a couple days, I went slightly insane. Sell the car, if you sell the bike it might be difficult for you to get another one in the future.
  17. Jeez, c'mon man.... take her on the honeymoon ON the bike......

    But don't sell it; painful experience says it's ten times harder to get another bike than to keep the one you've got.....

    Scale back the honeymoon, buy her a nice gift or two and keep the bike.

    George, you are incorrigible :LOL:
  18. Who is George?
  19. Its killing me, esp looking at the long range weather for Melb next week :evil:
    Trust me to do the logical thing and take the bikes up to Coffs in the 1st load .
    :evil: :?