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How did you break in your new bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MR MT07, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    As the title states how did you break in your new bike? I've just taken delivery of a Yamaha MT 07 and loving it. I have read a lot about breaking them in, but just keen to hear your own personal views.

  2. Ill be in the same boat at the start of march when i pick up my cb500f, so very interested in this thread :)
  3. I just rode it like like normal.
    Just don't redline every where you go and it will be fine,and careful on new tyres they can be a bit slippery.
  4. I tried to stick to manufacturers recommendations, but it's hard to restrain yourself sometimes.

    At the end of the day I don't think it matters that much I recon they are pretty bulletproof. From what I've read if you baby them to much they may use a little extra oil between services because the rings don't seat so well. But 100ml of oil in 10k is sweet fa, so like I say ride it how you like :)
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've done a bit of everything so far ( town, highway and the odd squirt here and there).
  6. I just picked up an MT07 as well. The dealer told me to keep it under 7k rpm for the first 500 kms or so, and don't let it sit on constant revs for ages. When riding on the highway load it up and unload. Basically don't flog the tits off it but then ride it how you intend to ride it. What colour did you get? I got the deep armour with the carbon akrapovic pipe.
  7. Use the hammer or crowbar.
  8. Competition White with titanium Akrapovic pipe. Have you removed the bung? I will be removing mine after the first service. Oh got the white rim trim stickers too. So far very happy.
  9. Getting the exhaust fitted at the 1k service. Had a mate cerakote the pipe satin black first. Mine has the white rim aswell. Didn't know it came with it but it looks good. Absolutely stoked with it so far.
  10. The bike i test rode had the titanium pipe with the db killer out. Thats what made my mind up in the end. I dont think you'd find a better sounding lams bike. It is loud but not bullshit loud.
  11. Got a new M109R, riding it in as by the book.. 800 Kms under 3500, then the next 800 under 5500.. Varying loads and try to stay away from constant speeds..
  12. Gently...but all bets are off now!
  13. Its been debated a number of times and I personally think the engineers who designed the bike know best and it is their instructions you should follow.

    Its been said above but, cycling through the gears and keeping the engine loaded and inside the stated rev limits is typically all that is needed.

    Stories of manufacturers legal liability, every bike being thrashed on a dyno before delivery, rings not "seating" are rubbish. The line that race bikes aren't run in around the track is moot as the engine doesn't need to last the life of the bike, only the length of the race. they're also not mass produced production engines.

    Modern manufacturing techniques that allow bikes to be mass produced cheaply mean that parts need generous tolerances, having someone hand lap parts to mate with other components would be time consuming and hideously expensive so its left to be completed inside the engine during the run in period.

    If you have ever performed a first service yourself you'll also know what comes out with the oil, metal shavings and all kinds of other gunk. Also if a bike was going to have a catastrophic failure it is more probable that it will happen in the earlier stages of running the bike.

    Someone mentioned being careful on new tyres, but it doesn't stop there, band new rotors and brake pads don't perform nearly as well as they do after being run in.

    Something else I believe places some emphasis on manufactures instructions is how run in's very from bike to bike from detailed instructions about rev limits to simply avoid revving the engine to redline. Along with what is performed at first service some bikes just get an oil change and all the fasteners torqued, while others get valve clearance inspections.
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  14. After reading this thread I apologise to anyone who buys a demo bike I recently test rode. :)
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  15. Yes I love how they get 'demoed' until 999kms then out they go...ha!
  16. As stated. I ride mine like normal and change gears once in a while when cruising on the highway. Got it serviced early at 700km.

    How much did you guys get your MT-07 exhausts for?
  17. Gave it to my friend streetmasterstreetmaster to run in for me. He "says" he kept it under the recommended range :)

    Dunno - he took it on a Sunday ride, and the only time I saw the bike was at the rest stops, lol.

    I'm pulling his leg - he did a great job, put 800km on it before I rode it (I wasn't off restrictions anyway), and handed it over ready to take whatever mediocrity I could dish out....
  18. buntitled.
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  19. Got my carbon akrapovic for $1100 fitted
  20. I didn't use any oil if that's what you're wondering.