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how did this even happen

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azamakumar, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Just about to head off to bed after a bout of stress induced panic online shopping. Everything I want in the cart - check. Positive (talking 2-3k) balances on all accounts - check. Chuck in the debit card details and I get the NAB/Verified by visa popup window. All good, happened before, register the new card to it and get transaction declined.

    Well it wasn't the balances, so I figured I must've got something wrong......4 times. Yeah I'm an effing moron but it's 3am. Anyway I hit up internet banking to see if I'd been charged or whatever, where I'm greeted with this popup:


    So that sort of explains it. What it doesn't explain is the text message I'd just gotten from NAB saying that my cards have been frozen due to suspicious internet activity. Seriously **** the twat that designed that. Granted 4 attempts was probably one too many, but you'd think if the bank was blocking payments on their side they'd have the sense not to freeze my shit.

    Think it's time for a beer and some sleep. :/
  2. Do you have an online limit? Unless you specifically change it first, CBA only allows a few hundred to be withdrawn online.
  3. Have you ever purchased from overseas before? Im with CBA and the first time I purchased overseas they froze my card too. I have nothing against it, atleast they're trying to protect you.
  4. yeah, I can tell you a lot of the card freezing things happen automatically and I highly doubt there's a verification written within the system to see if fund transfers are up. Annoying as it is, would be more annoying if you lost a load of money to fraud then had to wait for it to all be investigated before getting it back.
  5. Yeah the first time it happened was when I bought my phone from google in feb last year. Apparently it's unheard of to make a deposit in person then buy something online. AFAIK the daily limit on my debit card is 1k as is the CC.

    I'm 100% sure that it dicked up because of the payment error thingy. 30 minutes on the phone though and it's all cleared up. First world problems...
  6. my card got frozen when i bought my pipes, pain in the ass but its a good thing
  7. Yeah ive had a few guys at work ask me to help them out with plane tickets etc, and you plug in their details and 2min later they get a call on their phone from the bank asking if its really them doing the transaction. That sounds like a better idea!
  8. No the payment error is the bank declining your transaction. Just because you didn't get a detailed error message doesn't mean it's not the case. The detailed message would have been suppressed by the website/shopping cart (treated as "declined other" if you know what I mean).

    The CC companies are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to fraud detection these days. Most systems go off patterns of usage and freeze the account when they see a large irregularity in your usage. I buy online/overseas all the time but if I stopped doing it for 12 months then suddenly spent 1k online in one transaction overseas then I wouldn't be surprised at all if it got rejected.

    The banks are somewhat liable for fraudulent transactions on your accounts so that's why they do what they can to prevent it happening.
  9. So just tried it again, looks like verified by visa is ****ing it up on both cards (ugh). Picked paypal and charged it to my card and it had no problems.


    yeah I figured. The details were correct, and definitely had enough moolah in my accounts to pay for it. So short of some far fetched conspiracy I have nfi what else it would've been. I figured that because they were having issues doing transfers and bill payments they'd be blocking em at their end, then they froze my shit because of that.

    EDIT: oh by payment error I meant the system problems NAB were having at the time.

  10. they wont call you after hours, thats why they freeze it, when i bought my pipes, i hit the pay button at about midnight, so i dont expect a call from the bank at that time, i did get an email though
  11. Makes sense. Midnight here when ive been pressing the button is business hours where they came from so the call came through!
  12. Yeh that's what happened to me, I bought something from the states at night and got an SMS 2 mins later asking me to call their fraud team, spoke to them and it was taken care of in a few minutes.