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How did she get her licence?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by b12mick, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. From "The Daily Advertiser" - local Wagga paper.

    How the hell can you get confused between your clutch and your brake.](*,)](*,)

  2. A man in his 701's? That's old :eek:
  3. Whoops, supposed to be 70's. I had to type the bloody thing out because our local paper didnt see fit to publish it on the net.
  4. probably too use to riding a scooter
  5. hahahaha.

    Actually, given the lack of scooter riders in Wagga, more likely she's just a stupid person who has decided to try and cleanse the gene pool.
  6. It can only realy go the other way. You have two brake levers on a scooter. My guess is this is someone who normally rides a manual bike and gone to a scooter or some other automatic bike. Gone to change up gears and mashed the front brake.
  7. She was doing stoppies and that was her excuse to the cops
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  8. As I said, not that many scooters in Wagga. My guess is she's panicked and just grabbed a handful of everything.
  9. It can get a bit confusing - I've had a couple of minor 'moment's recently, going repeatedly for the rear brake and nothing is happening (which is bad when the front brake is so useless) except that the bike is now in one of its many false neutrals, so I don't even have engine control. Different scenario for me - changing between a Japanese and British configuration - but it can get hard changing between different set-ups.

    And how do they know she "narrowly avoided death"? Do they write that when a cyclist goes over?
  10. Maybe the step up from her mobility scooter was too much to ask
  11. Now that I'd agree with.......
  12. I hope the two Ulysses guys collided while monoing towards each other over a blind crest :twisted:.
  13. that one's a bit of a mystery to me. That road is quite flat and straight.
  14. If she did mistake the break for the clutch

    Why the hell would you admit that"
  15. I need to be a little careful, I might know the person. F*ck it, some people are just dumb. I knew someone who called indicators flickers and panniers pantiers. This person once demonstrated to us how she twists the throttle to go faster, shame it was in the reverse direction to every other modern motorcycle I've ever ridden. When asked to clarify, she insisted that her bike was different to everyone elses (it was a Honda Rebel).
  16. I read the same thing in the paper.

    No mention if the 48yr old F/rider was new to riding, a return rider or experienced.

    I don't know the full story behind this incident (or the person) so I will not make comment on this one.


    I have witnessed quite a few new riders 'L' & 'P' plate riders, with sh*tful riding skills and balance, blasting through the traffic here in Wagga, with bugger all protective gear on.

    I know that these guys/girls must do rider training to obtain their licences, but maybe they just do the 'right thing' on the day, then data dump it as soon as they leave. (I also, know there are ways to avoid doing the compulsory rider training, particularly in country areas).

    I know times have changed since I was an 'L' plater, but these LAMS approved bikes are abit of a handful for some learners, not so much the power output, but the weight and handling characteristics.

    Anyhow, enough dribble..... I'd be interested if anyone know a little more on this incident??
  17. How many car drivers have planted the accelerator instead of the brake and ended up in swimming pools, front windows of shops, over the end of the pier, Etc Etc,

    So this Sheila grabbing the brake, isnt so rare, Its quite common,

    Maybe because she was on a bike, and you know what reporters are like, They can stretch the truth, Chronically,
  18. Might have been an old British bike with the clutch and brake reversed?
    Who knows. Shit happens.
  19. Only the gear and rear brake pedal were different on old Pommy bikes,

    The clutch and twist grip have always been the same way on all bikes,
  20. what about the old bikes with foot clutches and i have seen a few that are reversed compared to modern bikes