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How did everyone drop their first bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Cause i just got lunch, came back rode up wrong side of road did a u turn.. went up onto footpath, but as i was coming up footpath the weight of the bike just shifted on me and caused me to start to lose it but luckily i stuck my foot down and there wasnt enough weight for me to let it drop.. It would of been the good fairing too!! :eek:

  2. front lawn, no licence, wet wet grass....no damage but scared the shit out of me :)
  3. I suppose I was lucky, I never dropped the bike I learnt on. Now other bikes is a different story.
  4. This is all too fresh in my mind, as it happened late last week - the day after I picked up my first bike.

    At the end of my street, there is a pronounced dip about 1ft wide - the type that cars bottom out on when they turn into the street. I *think* I had both wheels level, and the dip right in the middle of the bike as I had stopped to prepare for a right hand turn. So, when I put my left foot down, the ground was a lot further away than I thought it would be. I felt the bike leaning over left, over balanced and dropped her on the right hand side. Snapped off the brake lever at the top, so no front brake.

    A nice man helped me pick her up. Got her home, got changed and jumped on the bus to work.

    Was angry at myself and felt really bad for hurting my new baby.

    Fortunately, the previous owner had already cosmetically damaged the RHS from dropping her, so no further damage from me was sustained and feelings of guilt were reduced.
  5. haven't yet (touch wood) :D
  6. My first time on a bike was when I collected it from the car yard where I bought it.

    I got it home, very slowly. Now filled with confidence I rode down the street from my folks house to the T-intersection at the end of their street. Planning to turn left, I misjudged the clutch and shot across Hawthorn Road through the traffic. Up the gutter on the far side, hit the wall of the Brighton Cemetery and the bike fell on top of me.
  7. Hill. U-Turn. *sob* NEVER AGAIN. -s.
  8. *smothers laughter*

    Poor Chairman! That's awful... were you okay?
  9. My signature describes my stupidity that occured in my back yard. :oops: :oops: :oops:
  10. Guess that was close to my place :)

    My first time is described at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5458
  11. Well within 10 minutes of getting home from picking it up, i tried to push it into position but rather than sitting on it, i just tried to push it from the side and ended up dropping it!! cracked around the rear lights wear it hit the houses downpipe but other than that it was ok... :(

  12. Hahahahahah
    There's irony.
  13. Bad luck guys.. seems to be such simple ways people drop their bike :(
    But actually i remember having my AG bike 8 or so years go and dropping that thing daily, but that was purely cause i was too small to support the weight of the bike when i went slightly off balance
  14. At the top of my mate's driveway doing a u-turn and in the same night, at a roundabout near home - snapped the clutch lever. Definitely not a happy camper that night!!

    :D :D
  15. Doing my first real 'road ride' being following by my brother in law, cruised round the whole of my little suburb without a problem. Went to turn back into my street (lefthander, slight downhill, right angle) and felt like I was going a bit too fast, tried to straighten up and brake, but broke to early and too hard. The back wheel fell out from under me, and I skidded about ten metres with my left leg under the bike. :x

    In shorts. :oops: Road rash is beautiful thing, isn't it? :D
  16. Corner of Bell St and Elizabeth St in Coburg North, heading South down Elizabeth and turning West onto Bell.

    First time I'd ridden in the rain, too much oil residue on the road, and a sudden camber change.

  17. Two weeks ago, heading up the off ramp of a bridge, a long slow curve, my front tire hit a bit of metal debree (from a previous accident?) and skipped, I started to understeer as I tried to regain control, I realised I was heading for the guard rails and applied the brakes, My inexperience cost me, and I slammed into the guard rails going about 40kph. My left rear vision mirror was obliterated, me, my bike and my left arm grinded along the rails for about 20 meters before I came to a stop and laid the bike down nice and gentel, aside from the mirror being gone (a $35 part) and a cracked Pillon foot rest (plastic), no real damage to the bike, my arm however, screamed like it was on fire, and my pinky finger felt like it was broken.
    a cab driver passed me, pulled over to make sure I was okay, he was joined by a pair of fellow riders who stopped to check on me.
    I cradles my arm for a while, and when I figured out neither it nor my finger was broken, I relaxed, took 5 minutes to calm down, thanked those who stopped and rode off. my arm still feeling like it was on fire, and my finger numb.
    Once I got home (15 minute ride), I took stock of the damage. Got my gloves off and my pinky was swolen and bruised but otherwise okay, the gloves didn't have a mark on 'em.
    Got my jacket off and my whole upper arm was purple, with a gash running along the outside of my bisep, in said gash was some of the jackets mesh lining MELTED into my skin, so I checked the jacket, nice tear. damnit, it was brand new too.
    the brusing took a couple weeks to fade, and the gash has left a scar that will probably fade.

    I thank the gods that I chose an armoured jacket (seemed like overkill for a scooter rider, but hey, the denim/kevlar jacket I'd origionally wanted wasn't in stock in my size) if the armour, which covered the upper hald of my upper arm, hadn't been there I recon that damn guard rail might just have done a decent job of removing most of the flesh from my arm!
  18. the old dirt bikes went over at almost every opportunity they had i think :? good fun tho :D

    first time on a road bike i was just finishing a night ride maybe 3 days after i got the new bandit 250. went to coles so my mate could grab some smokes and i was waiting outside for him to come back. had my helmet on the tank which decided to slip and fall off the nice rounded surface. wasn't too happy at dropping my brand new helmet so i reached down straight away to pick it up. i obviously didn't remember how heavy a bike can be cos it leaned a little as i bent down and before i could think, it was past the point of no return :? i managed to keep my foot under the tank so i didn't damage the bike, learnt not to try and pick something up off the ground while still on the bike tho :oops:
  19. First 'real' off on my first bike was riding through early morning winter fog around a sweeper. I couldn't see the exit but as I knew the corner I thought I'd give it some around the bend and try and master the 'art of cornering'. I made it around ok but on the exit I ended up a locked to the kerb.

    This resulted in me coming off and traveling through a (very thorny) hedge backwards...it wouldn't have been too bad if my helmet hadn't come off.
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    You wouldn't be pulling our leg would you mate?