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How deep in sh(one)t do you think I'll be in?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Eric, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Just before I shoot out to work again, i thought I'd canvass all your valuable opions............and start some conversation.

    My wife and kids are currently in the USA. She knows I want a new bike. She thinks she'll be getting a new car first.

    Today I purchased a nex flat blue ZX6R!

    My wife returns next Thursday, I pick up the bike next Friday.

    So with 1 being the least and 10 being the highest how deep in it do you think I'll be?

  2. 9.8 you're toast
  3. If she's a rider 10 if not I'll make sure I send a nice wreath! Oh but hang on who paid for USA trip? You may get to live another day or so!
  4. Even if she leaves you, you'll still have the bike. I see it as a win/win situation!!!
  5. Oh you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo dead. You have some MAJOR sucking up to do.

    All I can say is the house better be SPOTLESS, your cooking for the rest of the year, & when she speaks you jump & always reply with ' Yes Dear'
  6. I didn't pay for the trip!!!
  7. If she can get a trip to the US, then you can have the bike, fair trade I reckon. Although I reckon you'll be missing out on the "conjugal rights" for a few weeks more!

    depends on how much she missed you, but I reckon your about 8 into the pooh pile.
  8. Just say it cost 6 grand, it makes you happy, and buy her whatever she wants. Tell her lifes too short to stuff around with crappy bikes, play shitty golf courses and wear suits that dont fit.

    Don't beg for forgiveness, tell her it was a bargain (at least 20% off) and reinforce who wears the pants in the house.
  9. Then tell her to get in the kitchen and cook you dinner :grin:

    On friday you will be in a world of pain
  10. cut out a cardboard model of a car and stick it to the bike...
  11. yup.. you done like a dinner.

    just let us know which hospital :LOL:
  12. If you bought it with your own money who gives a toss what she says?

    If you bought out of income earned between the pair of you it's a different story.

    Bikes, beer, birds, is the order of the day.
    (Although I drink whiskey and rum myself.)
  13. Before I head of to hell in fluro lighting (AKA work) it seems i maybe a dead man.

    other info is No she does not ride a bike.

    No, I don't want her to cook, then I know I'm a dead man!!!!!
  14. Wait till Friday to tell her the news. At least that way you can use the bike to make your getaway!

    Bon chance, mon brave! :LOL:
  15. yeah if i pulled that crap id be 6foot under for sure.

    Im supportive of your decision, but she wont be.
    Then again, if you can afford to buy it, your doing better than i am and perhaps every last dollar out of your paycheck doesnt need to be cleared for spending with the missus like mine does.

    out of 10, 24.7
  16. Terrorist Hotline

    One call and she wont be flying for weeks, possibly detained indefinatly.

    This will give you time to enjoy riding the bike as a complete man.
  17. Have the divorce papers signed and just leave them on the bench, move all your stuff out and let her work out the rest :p

    Hope it all works out!

  18. dum dum da dum dum da dum da dum da dum!!!! get my drift! b4 she gets back look up the ph number for Last Ride Funerals!
  19. Ask the next door neighbours to park their car in your driveway. :)
  20. She'll be right, mate.