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How Dee Hoo Everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WALDO, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hi I was looking around like what I saw so I thought I would sine up.
    My name is WALDO im 24 and at the moment Im riding my baby a 2003 GSXR 600 K3.Im slowly fixing up my old GPX 250 for my wife and Ive got a 2000 CBR 250RR in the shed soon to be a track bike. Well I hope to hear from all of you soon.


    G'day there Waldo whereabouts you from?

    By the way, can you edit your heading line so it's not all in caps?
  3. Im from Townsvile North Queensland how do I edit the heading so I can change it I dont want to annoy annyone on my first post
  4. top right hand corner of your initial post, there is an edit button!
    just click that little bugger and you can change it easy :)
    welcome to NR :grin:
  5. Never been to Townsville... We got many members up there? Anyone know?
  6. Welcome to the forums Waldo :)
    Consider yourself edited ;)
  7. Thanks for that Flipper Im not to sure how many people from Townsville there on here out of my group Im sure Im the first and thats 30 to 40 people
  8. You might know Doug, known as toosmoky on aus.motorcycles, rides a trumpy affectionately known as the pig.
    He's a Fiery up there.
  9. Hey Waldo...welcome to NR :grin:
  10. Welcome to NR.. :grin: