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How dangerous is motorbike riding?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ananda22, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. honestly, not that i have had alot of experience, but i seem to get frusrated when everybody rights motorbikes off straight away claiming its a death trap etc, they say motorbike riding is 30percent more likely to crash than a car? is this going by statistics? how many of them were drunk, being d**kheads, im sure the percentage of risk would fall dramatically. Motorbike riding is dangerous however i feel you can minimise the dangers by driving perhaps carefully and maybe even bit slower than you usually would until you have a much more clear road if you cant help yourself but speed. It also frusrates me to see people wearing no protective gear( no offence to these people ), they are generally young people who dont wear it, if your gonna fall of your bike with gear on, chances are you will be okay, but if you dont wear any gear your basically asking to get half your skin ripped off, protective gear works particulary well, i think i was told that it increases survival chances up to 10 times more...

    whats your feeling on this fellow netriders..

  2. I think there is potential for danger and try to manage the risks as best I can.
  3. Only 20% of motorcycle fatalities in Victoria are the result of the rider being over the limit, 77% of riders killed were 0.00. 43% of deaths were single vehicle accidents so could be the result of stupid behaviour but 57% are caused by riders hitting, or being hit by, other vehicles. The reason why motorcycling is dangerous is the simple fact that: we're less protected than car drivers when things go wrong, more likely to suffer a serious accident due to the fact that bike's generally fall over when you lose grip and drivers are less likely to see you.
  4. One thing you have to do when on the road.
    TRUST NO ONE. Treat every1 else out there as a D**khead.
  5. personally i ride with one thought, and thats everytime i get on the bike i consider it too be my last, my be the wrong way too look at it, but too me it keeps me thinking about who is out too kill me, also helps keep the my head and ambitions under control.
  6. yeah, but how many of that 77% being 0.00 were being idiots? i imagine ALOT..
  7. I'm most worried about been hit from behind becuase I feel thats out of my control!

    It's dangerous because you can be written off in a relatively small accident.
  8. yeah, i think drivers are starting to become more awware of riders(still not good enough howver) , when i drive, its odd cause i always see the motoribke, ive also never seen a motorcycle accsident.. and when i ride i feel very safe, especially when all the gear is on ..
  9. Oh and its 30 times (ie 3000%) more likely to be killed/seriously injured on a major arterial road than a driver (in Melbourne at least). Scary thought isn't it.
  10. I reckon yer gonna get hurt sometime. Part of riding, might as well get used to it and minimise risks where you can while still enjoying yourself.
  11. :| 3000......

    not true, some riders go 30 years untouched..
  12. Based on what. The very fact that so few motorcyclists are found with any alcohol in their system already shows a level of sensibility not shown by drivers (for which the number of alcohol related accidents are much, much higher). I would imagine that some of the deaths may be the result of reckless behaviour but would think that the poor condition of some roads may play a much greater role (potholes, gravel etc can easily catch any rider out).
  14. :applause: :applause: :applause:
    Wise attitude....
  15. its funny that you do that cause i feel that i do the same aswell. i'm just glad i don't feel the need to go particularly fast or take corners hard.

    i never ride carefree. i always thinking, predicting, reflecting on the situation....i really enjoy that about riding!

    in regards to the squids i have no problems with that as long as their fully aware of the risks and not ignorant to it.
  16. I did that for a while, but was then becoming so paranoid that it was stopping me from enjoying the ride itself.
  17. i wouldn't say so much paraniod but am just being realistic as too what my choices are, and if i know that i have thought about it, then i find the regret later easier to accept. :)
  18. You raise a very good point.... Motorcycle accidents are higher (percentage wise) than car accidents...

    Several issues contribute to these higher stats....

    1. Motorcycle riders are thrill seekers (well a LOT of them are).
    2. Motorcycles can fall over, cars cant.
    3. The learning curve on motorcycles is higher, more skills are required to ride well.

    I have wondered in the past if motorcyclists would have as many accidents if we removed all the thrill seekers...
  19. Motorbike riding is perfectly safe. The incidence of deaths caused by riding is negligable.

    Falling, sliding, impacting or being impacted are, however, quite dangerous and result in injuries to people involved in these activities - whether through the negligence of other or their own misjudgement - remains a concern for all of us.

    So the secret is to stay a motorcycle rider, rather than a helmeted missile, a panel hammer or a bitumen profiler.