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How dangerous are old people???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Magic, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone... I just have to vent.....

    I recently moved into a unit complex, and it turns out that most of the 'inmates' are elderly.
    I am the last unit in the place and am finding that getting in and out of my estate is the most dangerous part of my daily commute.
    They back out of their driveways without looking, they come around blind narrow corners on the wrong side of the road, they park their rubbish bins in the middle of the street, and park their cars with the back end sticking two metres out of their driveway, they even walk their dogs in the middle of the road and won't move (deaf??) when they hear you coming. The other day one was coming around a roundabout the wrong way!!!

    I am about to kill someone and it won't be an accident!
  2. At least you can have loud sex and music and they won't complain to the cops yeah?
  3. I think you need a gun to protect yourself from these dangerous people!

    .....or get a Harley to scare 'em :LOL:
  4. They're old, you can make it look like their passing was completely natural.

    Or if you don't want to get your hands dirty, I know a guy.
  5. Hee- hee! I could run them all over and no-one would ever know! :p

    It does have it's benefits...as you said...they don't hear anything I do.

    Do you all find that old people are generally really bad drivers?
  6. had a senior citizen decide he would share my lane today which wasnt much fun seeing as the wind was blowing me all around in my own lane. He quickly dropped behind me after lots of horn action and waving of fists
  7. Sooooooooooooo waht would they do if 15 motorcycles showed up? Say in ummmmm August? :p
  8. Yeah, I know I am, I mow people down daily, and you should see me in a 500mph aircraft.... :roll:
  9. i know i drive badly.....just think how i'll be when i turn 80? better go back to the bike i guess


    and tramp, i reckon they'll looooove all the noise and bikes when you guys actually get here!
  10. The first question I would have to ask is whether or not you did your homework on the rest of the inmates before you moved in? If you did, then there's realy not much to be done, because you might well have expected this result.

    But what to do?

    I would go and visit the people, wearing your leathers, and explain to them simply that you are a rider and are vulnerable to damage if they are not a little more careful with their driving. Most people are quite reasonable, and I would hope that they may be a little more observant in future...

    Failing that, buy some of Vic's yellow magnets :LOL: :LOL:.
  11. i'd say definitely go the little yellow magnets.....they'll stick em on their fridges with the pics of their grandchildren......

  12. Define old, define bad.

    I find young people generaly bad drivers.

    Lets all make rash generalisations based on age shall we :roll:
  13. Not sure that ALL old people are dangerous, but there's certainly something to be said for the idea of compulsory re-testing after a certain age.

    The concept that you can get your license at 18-19yrs old and your eye sight, hearing, reflexes, etc will stay the same is ludicrous.

    As for the rest....well bins and pets are there to practice your countersteering on


    or ....no. nevermind
  14. Time for some Tontine therapy for them..........
    There are old drivers, and old drivers. My grandfather used to drive buses for a living, well into his 80's he could reverse down narrow lanes in his car using the mirrors only, and back a trailer with ridiculous precision.
    However, his reactions were slow, but he compensated by keeping a large gap, and slowing in heavily congested areas. Fortunately he lived in a small town too.
    I do agree that some older drivers shouldn't be on teh road, we've all seen them. I dont' buy the argument that they need their cars for mobility, does that mean they have the right to endanger others for their own convenience?
    I do believe that a fair bit of the older driver problem is lack of confidence. I have thought for a long time, that some recurrent training for older people, stuff like threshold braking on closed tracks etc, would resharpen their skils, and give them a lot of confidence back.
    My mum didn;t drive for a few years, and when she got back in a car, she was horribly cautious and slow. But a few weeks got things back to normal.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Maybe we need a course like the Top Gear episode where they taught grannies to do burnouts and hand brake parks :LOL:
  16. Guess that would scare em all to death and fix the problem! (They are second on my list after the ex's street! :p )
  17. Not gonna buy into the old driver bit but at least you'd have some folk who are more likely to be home when you're out, good observers as long as they're not nosey at the wrong times. A Hornet said, have a chat to 'em, see how it goes.
  18. You'll be here to meet them soon Woodsy! We'll see what you say when you've had a go at getting out of my estate a few times! :LOL:
    You'll be the first one sticking Vic's new yellow magnets on their letterboxes!
  19. There is absolutely no doubt that MOST people's sight, hearing and reflexes diminish with age. Anyone that doubts this needs to come and sit in my street for a day.

    They back out randomly without even looking. When you give them the horn they are oblivious to it. I came around a blind bend (that is only wide enough for 1 1/2 cars) yesterday at my usual walking speed through the estate and someones grandkids were in the middle of the road kicking a ball!

    You are right- it is quiet, they have no clue what I am doing, they are always home...
    but 90% of them need to get re-tested for a drivers license!
    Sheesh... this old guy was coming the wrong way onto the roundabout and had no idea what he was doing wrong even when everyone was tooting at him.
    Old person-1
  20. + listening to good advice