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How cool's this?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deafwish, May 25, 2006.

  1. I just had an email from an aquaintance wanting to borrow the little Hornet for a photoshoot (with lovely women!) at his studio in Richmond next weekend!
    Hehe, I'm getting paid for it to be there, too! :LOL:
    I'll get some professional shots of it sprawled with nice looking laidies!

    Karma's doin the rounds, I reckon..... :LOL: :cool:
  2. You lucky lucky bastard!!! what I would give to be spat on!!
  3. Bloody Hell!, where's my share of all this friggin Karma then?......... :shock:
  4. Inci, as a fellow BMW owner you should know by now that that sort of crass behaviour is beneath us... :roll:

    We would never lower our standards like that...

    (bastard, bastard,bastard,bastard, bastard!)
  5. Just told the missus.....
    She said she could do that......!
    :idea: Hmmmmm the possibilities...... :twisted: :LOL:
  6. If there's more than one lady for one bike, would you like me to ride over from Adelaide with my Hornet?
  7. Hehehe!
    I'm sure I will be able to handle them all......
    Plenty of love here, mate! :LOL:
  8. Just good fortune. It's damned good fortune if they wash it for you in their bikinis while you watch. Karma comes when they decide their bikinis are far too restricting to be washing a bike in......
  9. :idea:
    I will certainly suggest this to them!
    I will also have the aircon' on full! :LOL:
  10. :idea:
    I will certainly suggest this to them!
    I will also have the aircon' on full! :LOL:
  11. Might I also suggest that you chuck some ice down your pants... At least while the shoot is happening... Then after... Well hopefully they wont be wearing anything :p

    Or maybe you could just scrap the ice idea, and bend them over the bike while he takes photos? :LOL:
  12. You know u have to post the pics up now.

    u lucky #$$@#$ lol
  13. UNFAIR, UNFAIR, my Hornet's MUCH nicer than your's, Daz :LOL:

    So if they're going to be washing the Hornet, get some light wet-and-dry and get them to buff the exhaust pipes while they're at it :LOL:
  14. What bling can I put on the bike to make it a bit more 'showie' for the shoot?
    I will be borrowing the OCD Racing numberplate (yet to ask Mike....), removing the ugly chain guard, removing the mirrors and ummm........ :?

    Any other ideas.....?
  15. oh I have ideas....but you won't have time or money to do them all!!

    my BF says you're a lucky bugger. I'd settle for nice shots of the bike without the chicks.
  16. Do tell your ideas..... :wink:
    Indeed I am a luck bugger! :LOL:

    ^^^ This is the photographer.
  17. I'm so jealous... but :worthlesspics:
  18. Settle, settle!
    The shoot is next weekend!