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How common are punctures?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rodman, May 14, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Yesterday I got my second puncture in 3 months!
    The first one was repairable but yesterday's puncture went in sideways resulting in a new tyre.

    Just wanting to know if I'm extremely unlucky or this is a pretty common thing?
    I don't think I'm riding anywhere where my chances of getting a puncture are higher e.g. industrial area or near construction sites. Both times have been whilst commuting.

    I commuted on my old bike for almost a year without any punctures and now I've had two in the space of 3 months on my new bike. Maybe it's just cursed.

  2. That is a bad run. One a year in regular use might be borderline unlucky, unless you habitually follow builders trucks around.
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  3. I averaged about one a year on the DR, doing ~20,000 km pa on urban/semi-uban roads. Previously none at all for the best part of a decade, and then, before that, one every few months, but on largely rubbish tyres.

    So, yes, I'd say you've hit a bit of a statistical blip.
  4. commuting does attract more puncture. You spend a fair amount of time in areas where car tyres tend to throw stuff. Average once every 18 months at a guess, but I've had 3 in 6 weeks in the past. Average is over the long run.

    Also, keep on top of your tyre pressure. Lower tyre pressure attacks more punctures.
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  5. Yeah a bit unlucky, I went through a stage that seemed like there was a magnet fitted
    in the new tyres whenever I had them replaced every 6 months.
  6. The law of averages insists that you get a puncture within a week of buying a new tyre. No one is allowed to ride a motorcycle without at least one repair at all times.

    Yuk, Yuk...
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  7. Haven't ever had one on a motorbike tyre but I can only lay claim to 40,000ks or so of riding.
  8. I know I"m going to jinx myself, but in 18 years of riding I have had just one puncture, a slow leak caused by a screw.
  9. Last year bought a new set of tyres one afternoon. Rear tyre flat the next morning - screw in the tyre, had little choice but to ride the bike very very slowly to a servo to put a lot of air in so I could ride the next 5 kms to a bike shop. By the time I did that the screw was now through the wall, so could not be repaired - new tyre purchased.

    3 days later nail in the tyre...plugged.

    One week later...nail in the tyre ... plugged.

    One month later...yep, another nail..not the same one (I think !). Didn't plug this time just bought another tyre.

    So far so good!

    Just unlucky - there was a lot of building around our area and I use the bus lanes a lot so maybe that was the cause. I now carry those little CO2 refills with me in case - put 4 or 5 in and that will get me to the bike shop to get a plug in f need be.

    Does anyone make kevlar tyres ?
  10. Touch wood, I haven't had one in 20k kms
  11. Sounds like I'm just having a string of bad luck then.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!!
  12. Have a look at the goop stuff that seals itself.
  13. I used that goop stuff once, makes one hell of a mess. I carry the standard CO2 repair kit now, far simpler, and more than paid for itself.
    I'm on 3 punctures in 18 months, my work colleague on 2 and ride buddy on 1.
    Just another associated cost and hassle of commuting me thinks.
  14. I don't believe in bad luck. If you get a few punctures in a row it could be how you are riding. Even if it's just communiting a lot of crap can end up on the line if you are filtering.
  15. It's not a matter of good or bad luck, just the law of averages.

    But yes, it's worth having a look at how you are riding. There might be an area in your normal commute that tends to attract crap.
  16. That's true, one particular stretch of my commute has all the bikes riding to the left of the nearside white line......... or 'pavement side' as it's known! A heap of crap gets washed down there, but still much safer than crossing the double white centre lines. That's nose to bumper traffic for about 1.5 / 2 k and very slow moving.
    Not something i'm prepared to sit in so i'll take my chances with ye olde selfus tappus.
  17. Can anyone recommend a good puncture kit for the toolbox?
  18. I've ridden 60,000+ kms without a puncture! and the wife has done 20,000 as well. We bought a kit, with the glue and wicks, (Dr Air I think), a 12volt air pump and some goo for our trip across the Nullarbor, which never left the bottom of the panniers. It was good to know it was there though.
  19. Arwon, the ones with the CO2 canisters and 5 wicks, glue, braddle, etc are about $30 from memory from the 'bay.
    I've ridden k's with my old tyres plugged, no problem.
  20. Even Supercrap Autos have puncture repair kits. I've found the CO2 canisters are a bit useless on modern sports-bike rear tyres. I remember using a number of them on one of my tyres and limping to the servo to find 10psi in the tyre. I remember thinking even with two canisters I wouldn't risk riding for fear of breaking the bead.

    I now carry one of those small double action push-bike pumps. It's a workout, but you'll get more pressure into your tyre in the end.