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How comfy is your Suzuki S40

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr Owl PhD, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Why? Because I'm pretty certain that this is the bike that the gf should be getting and I keep reading reports of it being uncomfortable and cramped from people I don't trust to not bring their dislike for the bike to bear on every aspect. We'll be going out to check one soon but I will of course not be able to fully assess what it will be like for a 200 k ride.

    She can ride the GS500 fine but still feels it's a little large and a bit unwieldy and a bit too far of a forward riding position, and the low seat, narrow engine and low down torque on the s40 is perfect. I just find it hard to believe that it is as cramped and uncomfortable for a few hours in the saddle, as people have made out. I'm seeing reviews where a 5'4" rider is calling it cramped.

    I need to know because as I'm suggesting this bike, I of course am also going to get blamed if it does turn out to be a back breaker, because I'm a guy and she isn't and that is the natural course that the world takes. I will point out that it will just be used for riding for fun, that is, nice warm weather up in Brissy, neither of us have to ride in the rain and stuff like that so I don't need to take that into account. I'm purely interested in if she may find it uncomfortable for a few hours at a time riding at say 90 or 100kph on a highway.
  2. My missus has a 2015 s40.
    She mainly bought it because the seat height was good for her to be touching the ground flat footed.
    I ride it occasionally to work, it's a decent bike to fat around town on with good torque.
    On the highway it's quite comfy. I regularly do a 200km ride from tamworth to walcha, not really a fatiguing bike to ride. Not as vibey as you may anticipate, and seat is good enough not to have a sore ass after it. One thing it could do with though is a front screen as the wind just hammers you at around 120.
    And when it's wet be prepared to get soaked from the knees down.
  3. OK, that makes me feel much better, I thought that all the stuff I was reading in comparison test just couldn't possibly be right.