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How cold would it have to be for you to stop riding...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zeal, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. 20 to 10 degrees (not likely )

  2. 10 to 5 degrees

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  3. 5 to 0

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  4. 0 to -5 (don't laugh, it does get this cold here)

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  5. There is no such thing as too cold, I am a REAL man.

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  1. Hi all.

    Well after riding to work this morning in -1 degree temperatures :shock: , I thought I'd post up a poll, to see if and when you would stop riding to work if it was too cold. :bolt:

    I couldn't feel my bloody face when I got here :)

    Not to mention the ICE.... :roll:

  2. With the right gear, anything is possible! :)

    I'd be just as cold if not colder driving to work - my MR2's cabin heating is done by the radiator waste heat only, and small-displacement mid-engine cars don't heat up too quick in the middle of winter. :?
  3. It gets down to -4 or -5 here some days in winter and that doesn't necessarily stop me riding to work, but then I'm only 6kms from work so even if it's freezing cold it only takes about 6 minutes to get to work.

    It takes longer than that to get properly cold.

    Now on those years where the icicle ride has gotten down to -5 and riding for hours in it... that's not pleasant!
  4. Similiar to me. I'm only 6-7 km from work too, but this morning certainly was an eye opener lol
  5. If it's cold but sunny, and there's no ice on the road, then I'll ride. If however it is wet, windy and icy, then forget it!
  6. with the right gear - warm, dry and toasty inside.

    But I have started to leave my gloves inside the house at night so they are warmer.
  7. i drove once lately, since then i have been driving daily, it's much warmer and drier.....though the traffic is giving me the shits....i reckon another week caging it and that will be enough to give me the shit with the traffic ot start back on the bike :)
  8. Looks like I'm off the bottom of the scale. Last winter it got to -3 a number of times at my place and I still got on the bike. -10 might stop me.
  9. Anything around zero. I've hit black ice once before on a bike, it's not something I ever want to do again (it's bad enough in a mid-engined car).
  10. I think I have enough of the right gear now to say it wouldn't get cold enough for me. Have a few below 0C mornings and night rides now that it doesn't bother me.
  11. :shock:

    You are very brave men.

    I come from the land of eternal summer - so riding in anything below 10 degrees would stop me, I think.
  12. If it's forecast for snow I'll leave the bike at home...

    In winter it's regularly -6 or -7 for the commute to work... I love my heated grips :LOL:
  13. it's been 5, 6 degrees at 8am the last couple mornings and I have to ride about 35 k's to work, mostly at about 80 km/h.

    So I've discovered the joys of layering :grin:

    top half - bonds T shirt (tight), work polo shirt, light jumper, Motolin jacket with thermal lining zipped in, gloves.

    bottom half - long socks, tight Levis, old school Tour Mate pants, Doc Marten boots.

    with all that on I still have cold bits - toes, fingers and the sliver between jacket and helmet. Thinking some inner-gloves and a balaclava are next on the list. It will get down to 0 Deg where I live.

    if it's that cold AND raining then I'll probably seek shelter in the old Falcon for a day or two until the drive starts to shit me...
  14. Inetersting poll...

    I commute to City for work 5 days a week... unless its snowing ill jump on the bike and head in to work.

    As long as my bike is willing to go so am I , I guess...

    People from Melbourne if you remember roughly a month ago we had a massive storm in melbourne and over 150,000 homes lost power... I was riding home from the City that day... SCARY, but i survived :grin:
  15. Ridden in the snow before, will do it again.
  16. I have a 30km commute to uni, all at 100km/h

    I didn't ride today. First time i have never ridden cause of weather. Its about 7 degrees here....
  17. So far everyone is talking about whether they would change their method of commuting. Fair enough I suppose - only ice would prevent me from doing my 5km commute when I can. If it was more than 30km (as it used to be) then cold and rain may have caused me to pike it.
    It would be interesting to know at what point people would call off a leisure ride, though. I admit I probably baulk at riding at less than 10 degrees (extended time) for fun!
  18. Nawh, you still go ahead with it - it gets filed under adventure! :grin:
  19. You're all soft. There should be an option for 'it's never too cold'! :?
  20. Hey Dougz spend a winter riding in and around Ballarat.
    Between snow and worse yet black ice (And I have been on both on a bike) you get to experience all that the cold has to offer… Soft? If you say so :p