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How close to the kurb can car park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mick No:8, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I lived in a flat that is off a two way street. When car parked on the road it becomes a two way, one lane road. Sometime when people a lazy they don't park in the car-park located at the side of the flat, they just park in the front which isn't to bad. latey people have been parking on the kurb which makes it hard and dangerous to pull out as you really have to swing wild and if there is an on comeing car you can't see it til it's too late. Is there are place where I can report this too. As I dropped my bike this mornning (emergy brake) tring to pull and could not see the on coming car? The worst thing was the guy who parked on the kurb was there and saw eveythig and didn't even asked if I was alright or offered to help to pick up my bike. Sorry for the long story.

  2. i'm a bit confused as to what happened

    you were riding along or pulling out?

    guy on curb was pulling out in front of you causing you to emergency brake?
  3. I was pulling out of the drive way, as he was pulling in to park on the krub blocked my view. There was also another car coming about a couple of second behide him. But they always park there, People that lived in the first couple of flate. they can't be borthed to park in the back like everyone else, "no it takes them to long a couple couple of mins to long" to walk from the parking area to their flate.
  4. if its a no parking zone then just call the council otherwise no idea, just be super careful treat it just as another hazard for u to avoid

    luckily i don't have that problem on my street
    bit of a prick not asking if u were okay though, hows the bike?
  5. Just seems like you weren't paying attention. if it is a two way or a wide one way street, and there is no no-standing sign, it is perfectly legal.

    Ever gone for a right turn, and had a car come past the truck that was shielding it?
  6. There is normally a limit as to how close to the junction people can park, but this may only apply to a proper side road, not a car park or entrance to units etc.

    This is to prevent loss of visibility for vehicles pulling out of the turning.
  7. Do you mean they're parking the car right up on the footpath off the road? If so I don't think you can park on/obstructing the footpath, that's council land. If they're parked on the road...you might have to just sit up a little straighter to get a better view, they can do that.
  8. emergency brake? :? You couldnt have been travelling at enough speed to warrant that ???
    I have a similar problem when leaving work, Vans parked ( legally ) at the end of the kurb, just befoe it turns into a driveway I oull out of.
    Blocks my view .. I know its there so I always proceed with cauition, poking out a little, in 1st gear, playing with the friction zone to creep, forward, roll back. Get used to it mate, You'll encounter this time and time again from 'legally' parked cars, vans and trucks.
    Best advice ... be AWARE, and be CAUTIOUS.
    If they are 'illegally' parker however, call your local council