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How can I Mod my 250V Bandit

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Haysey, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Ive got a 2000 Suzuki Bandit 250V in Navy Blue, its already got a loud pipe on it (very loud but sounds good!)

    Im wondering what else, if anything i can do to mod it? (new to the motorbike modding scene, i could mod a car like no other!)

    Im thinking of adding smaller indicators (got big dorky ones on there atm)
    maybe some rim tape
    id love to change the dash lights to LEDS, maybe the tail light even?
    Can you bore out the carbs? anything to make the engine breathe or perform better?
    Thinking about respraying the headers too?
    Id love to get rid of the huge dorky numberplate plastic holder at the back, but its all one piece and i dont know how it would look if i cut it off?


  2. get some tassels for the handlebars, a basket on the front, and perhaps one of those orange flags.

    seriously though, you're only riding it until you get your unrestricted licence....why bother?
  3. ohh basket! i love the idea of the flag! its still 9 months off i wouldnt mind modding it slightly? just dont know where to start?
  4. a nice flowing exhaust, and then filter. this is about it, as far as anything worthwhile goes. it'll make her breathe better and might even add a pony or two.
    cosmetics are just a waste of money for a short-term ride. no increase in resale value, you'd be better off stuffing your pockets with the spare cash, ready for the spewzuki gsxr that you mentioned.

    blinging a little 2fiddy, to me, is like putting a playing card in the spokes of a pushbike to make the broom broom noise.
  5. hahaha thats what i was going to mention...

    Ive got a nice exhaust on it, VERY LOUD! and recently did the filter(just with a stocker) so shes going a bit better now...

    Ill leave her as is then! start planning for the gixr...

    Thats that solved, thanks mate
  6. Pff... Bullshit! I've taken girls out for dinner and bought them presents even though I knew I'd never marry them!!! Just do what you feel like... If you want to save your money, save it. If you feel like you want some more bling, bling it!!! It doesn't have to be expensive either... Get something like a HID kit from Ebay ($100), paint the header (if that's what you want), get some rim tape, or even a fender eliminator. Install it all yourself!! All those "mods" together won't set you back more than a couple hundred bucks. You won't get that money back, that's for sure. But if it improves in any way, shape or form your riding experience, I'd say: "GO FOR IT!!"
  7. yeah, ok....i guess it isnt like i said, to me :roll:
    I'll try my best not to have a personal opinion in future, you flog.
    bet ya didnt nail 'em either! :p :p :p
  8. Mr Ed

    thats some good advice, id love to HID the bike, maybe go halves in a kit for a car with a mate? do they go into bikes no dramas? where would i install the transformer?
    i just want to rechrome it, looks shabby at the mo, i dunno if there is even a fender elminator made for my bike?
    i just want a bit different from all the other bikes ya!

    YOuuu can Dooo IT!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Ok, I'm sorry I didn't say: "to me that's bullshit" I can see how that makes a world of difference. Also I apologize for the flogging.

    Joel, my man... There's a new world out there!!! Girls no longer sleep with you only if you promise you'll marry them! It's true too!!!! It happened to this guy I know... or his cousin!?! I can't recall the details... But he told me all about it and it sounded genuine. :LOL:
  11. pfft, they line up to sleep with me :-w
  12. HID's go into bikes no dramas. Make sure to get the kit with the slim ballasts as it makes it easier to hide them on the bike (and yours is a naked!!) You can install the ballasts pretty much wherever you want (please use common sense) as they're are water resistant. Just avoid contact with plastics as they'll get quite hot!!
    Fender eliminator, well... Joel has given you the best/cheapest solution of all! :LOL:
  13. Lucky bastard!!! Girls wouldn't line up to me if I was the last freaking available cashier at a David Jones Mega Sale! :LOL:
  14. ill definately HID it

    ill post some pics of the rear end to see if you guys reckon i can elminiate the rear


    im off to ride now!
  15. wats HID mean
  16. bright fukken light
  17. HIDs will fit a bike, but they'll also make it unroadworthy. So you'd just have to rip them out again when you tried to sell the bike. Bandit isn't fast enough to need more light anyway, the standard higbeam works just fine provided you stick a decent globe in it, keep the standard wattage but look at one of the brighter xenon-filled globes readily available at auto stores.
    As for performance mods the engine is pretty much a waste of time, you're not going to get any significant peak power gains without losing what little low down torque you've got. Focus instead on the brakes and handling, you'll never match a larger bike on the straight but you can catch and pass them through the corners ;).
    Sintered pads will make a significant improvement over OEM, though with higher rotor wear (Bendix brand ones work extremely well), braided lines could also be worth considering. If the front forks have been neglected (likely) changing the fork oil will make a huge difference, might also want to look at going to something slightly heavier. Finally chuck on a decent set of tyres. None of this will cost much if you do it yourself, and is stuff that needs to be replaced at some point anyway. Plus unlike bling it's money well spent since having extra performance available will make a bike much safer in day to day riding.
  18. Do you want bling just to look at or do you actually want your bike to go quicker? By far the best improvements to be made to your bike is to set the bike up to your weight and riding style. As jd suggested this may involve modifying the suspension with different rate springs and/or oil or even rebuilding if your bike has seen a few kms. Better brakes are always good too. Unfortunately this cannot be seen or heard by the casual observer and unfortunately the bling merchant will overlook these areas for a noisy pipe or LED indicators :LOL: :LOL: In that case you may well be better off with a tinted screen, pin striping on the wheels, a mirrored visor and maybe even some neon valve caps
  19. Ive got a GSF250V myself, excellent first bike, i love it. If you want to "go faster" best bet you can do is give it a full service and tune up. Get the carbies tuned/balanced and valve clearances checked etc.

    Im currently upgrading the headlight in mine. Personally i wouldn't HID the standard headlight. For HID's to work properly you need a projector type headlight otherwise the beam of light gets fcuked up due to the way the bulbs are made different to normal halogen bulbs. What is easier(and pretty much just as effective) is a good Xenon filled bulb, Ive got phillips diamond vision bulbs in my car and they kick ass, will be putting the same thing in the bike as well.

    I also picked up THIS off ebay. Havent got it yet but it should be a worthwhile upgrade and it was cheap as chips.