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How can I improve?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ChesterCB, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. If I were to post videos of my rides here, is anyone willing to give me some feedback on lines, gear changes, speed etc?

    There are most instances where I'll know that I've got something wrong, but I might not be totally sure about how I could have done better.
    I have a habit of turning in to a corner too early, but I'm not clear on where I should be turning in.
    Also, if I'm on a road I've never been on before I'm pretty likely to stick close to the advised corner speeds, please don't flame me. I'm pretty confident moving aside and waving other riders through if there's someone behind me.
  2. depends on what you want to improve.
    for survival on a public road with various retards approaching from the other direction,
    then you turn in late and wide, one input. exit tight.
    won't make you faster.
    will make you live longer.
  3. Did you consider some advanced training and getting a qualified instructor to work with you?

  4. I went to the HART handling dynamics course last weekend, and while my corners have improved a lot, I've still got room for improvement. I'll probably end up doing the same course again in a few months when I've got the cash spare.

    Public roads, I tend to be ok on, I know the roads in Newcastle really well and the speed limit gives me a lot of options to tighten my line if cagers or other riders decide to say hello nice and close.
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  5. Videos only present one point of view so I don't think they are very helpful for critique. Sure you can get overall pointers but someone to ride with you can get a better feel for the areas in which you need help Have you tried asking for a Mentor in the Mentor thread?
  6. It would probably be best if you saved your cash and got more professional training, rather than relying on a forum of people you've never met to teach you how to ride IMO
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  7. that would be much better yes.

    just one thing I can tell you that they probably won't or can't.
    don't look at speed signs. don't even look at your speedo.
    you scan for real dangers, not fine evasion.
    you have a lot of information to process quickly. don't miss what can really hurt you, for fear of being caught speeding.
    don't spare any of your concentration trying to control your throttle under a set speed limit through a corner.
    you can't spare it. you need all of it or you may miss something that's actually important.
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  8. I feel for you @ChesterCB.

    I have the same problems but I improve with every ride.

    For me, I know what I am doing wrong (turning in to early) and just keep forcing myself to turn in later.

    Riding with people you trust and who give helpful feedback also helps.

    Are there any learner rides in your area or people who you can regularly ride with to give you some additional tips?

    It's easy to say do more courses (which you have done and are doing more in the future) but for me it really is having trust in the bike and my skills (which I won't have until my skills improve).
  9. Watch this.... may help.....helped me
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  10. How long have you been riding.
  11. I agree with watching twist of the wrist, I watched it like a week ago and felt an instant improvement in my technique, I also think back to my learner course if need be when I feel like I'm lacking, now by no means am I an expert, after all still on my L's but I have been taught, speed comes with technique.

    Just take it easy and take the advice on here and invest in some advanced rider courses, they will increase your abilities tenfold, and some insurance companies lower your premium if you have done them ;)

  12. Yes, yes I have. https://netrider.net.au/threads/mentors-tutors-to-help-newer-riders.63859/page-44#post-2637113 and CrazyCam offered mid week rides, but unfortunately I can only make weekend rides because of work.

    I agree, however my options are limited by 1. funding, 2. timing for rides, 3. lack of experienced riders I know.

    Sydney learner sessions are the closes to me, but I can't get there on a regular basis. Other things get in the way, such as work, visiting Wollongong for parts, etc. If I lived in Sydney I would be there with bells on. It's a bit difficult though when it takes me two hours to get there and 2 hours to get back IF I travel on the freeway, but I'm wary about doing that because with my red P's my speed is limited.

    Other than random rides on dirt and trail bikes in paddocks, just over a year. I got my P's in December last, and because I'm over 25 and have a full drivers license, I'm eligible for my full license on December 20th.

  13. Watching it now, cheers!

    That's what I have done, and that's what I'm doing. As I said, I've done the HART handling dynamics course, and once I have the cheese I'll be getting more professional instruction.

    In starting this thread, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask for pointers, and even though the majority of replies have been "get more instruction" I still believe this. If someone gives me bad advice, the worst that's going to happen is I give it a go and it's a dud, or someone else tells me it's bad advice. Best case scenario someone gives me a better idea of where in a corner I should be turning in.

    If people don't want to give me advice, they won't. Whether it's here in written form, or on the road.
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  14. Hi mate , have you checked out New Riders and Riding Tips in the forum ? Have a good look at @robsalvv Noob 101 , 102 , 103 and 104 . Also have a look at FLUX's tips for making your bike dance .
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  15. Yes I have. I have read everything I can. I am a kinaesthetic learner, and while this information is great, it is not something I can always apply practically because the part of my brain that translates written info to practical action can be a little slow. Ideally, I would have a mentor, but as mentioned previously, I don't.
  16. Great that you have watched it, the techniques in it are fundamental no matter what you ride or where you ride watch it often and practice more often.

    twist of the wrist, one and two dvd is available on ebay for about $65.00 I will be getting it for my wife as she has just started riding and is on her L's, watching some of it tonight after seeing this post it has put a lot of the stuff I have been telling her into perspective.

    But above all get out and Ride every chance you get, ride places you have not been to before find a tricky corner and do it over and over again if need be of course taking care.
    Its as the say practice makes perfect. Also try not to get to far ahead of yourself it will all come together in time, all the advise and videos even rider training and do this and do that don't add up to much unless you get out and practice.
    Bottom line just ride as much as you can.
    Hope it all goes well for you.

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  17. I think using the video to critique yourself is good if you know what your looking at. I've been running cameras on mountain rides for years and I've learnt so much from just watching my own videos, things that you can't pick up at the time.

    As someone said its only one perspective which is true, body position and the riders visual focus point can't be seen but when but a lot of the TOTW SR's can be easily detected by watching the video, the most obvious being throttle mistakes like not rolling on continuously and chopping the gas.
  18. I'm no expert of cornering but I think i could give you my tip.
    I saw a lot of people slided out of corner because they're coming in too fast then hold onto brake at the middle of the corner.
    My tip is to see the line where you are going to brake / down shift or slow down before you get in to the corner.
    Then you lean into the corner ( this is chicken strip related so dont be afraid to lean into the corner just take it easy ) and start to accelerate through out the middle of the corner .
    The reason you will fell down or slide out of the corner is the brake. If you trying to slow the wheels down ( brake ) while they are making friction with the corner, it will cause a counter momentum to opposite side of your ride and bang! you're out.
    Keep in mind when you're cornering , your front and rear wheel need to be spinning at the same speed otherwise front drift or back drift will occur unless you already mastered motorbike drift. that's another story.
    You could have put GoPro on and show how you ride along the way.
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  19. thanks heaps for this mate
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  20. Ride from Sydney to Melbourne along Princes Hwy, show up at Elwood for a Saturday practice, do the great ocean rd, King Lake, Marysville, Jamieson Eildon Rd, ride onto Bright do Mt Hotham, out to Bruthen, back via Falls Creek, ride onto Thredbo, Jindabyne, back home via Old Pacific Hwy. Problem solved.