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How can I carry golf clubs on a motorbike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by prks21, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. I just got my learner license the other day and was just wondering whats the best way of carrying golf clubs on a bike. Are there racks, etc I can attach to a bike? As I haven't purchased a bike yet, which type of bike would be most suitable for carrying clubs around (i.e. racks can be attached to them, if such things exist)?

  2. Golf clubs

    You are joking - right??!! :shock: If not, I suggest you buy a bike and sidecar!
    I would keep the two pastimes well and truly apart. Even if you did find a way of carrying them, they could become lethal if you came off.
  3. Think your link is broke
  4. You could buy yourself a trailer to put on the back of your bike.

    I like ali-lite trailers (metal and nice and solid).


    But Classic trailers are very popular as well.


    You might need to get the (optional) rack on top if you have a large golf bag.
  5. :)
    It doesnt exist , I made it up...
  6. im not allowed to post links yet....

    but google this "Biker News: Golf Club Rack for your Motorcycle"

    somethin like that might be useful...
  7. If you can cart a BBQ on a bike, then golf clubs won't be a problem :LOL:
  8. are we talking a full set of clubs? if not, eg 1 wood a 3 a 7 and putter go to fishing store, buy a rod protection tube, and use that, dont recommend it, i personaly usually be going to golf with a mate , and throw clubs in his car
  9. *cough* TROLL *cough*
  10. This seems somewhat appropriate
  11. hmm....im still optimistic ....ill post pics (for your amazment/amusement)....when i find a way, lol.
  12. Golf clubs etc

    You mean there isn't a website that covers roof racks for motorbikes - bugger!!
    In all seriousness, pkrs21 is a new mate so I think we need to separate the serious bits from the bullcrap!!
    The message remains to enjoy golf and enjoy motorcycling but keep somewhat more than 6 degrees of separation.
    Remember that if you come off your bike, you don't want to be caught up in flying golf club shafts etc. The chances of coming out of an off unharmed are weighed against us sufficiently already. Don't sway the odds further by carrying 15 or so long pointed metal shafts on your bike!
  13. i would think a carry bag would be fine to strap on bac...? i use to use one when i played, they r light, have adjustable straps and all, just put the cover on so tools cant fall out and its only another foot or so width to each side...
  14. What if you don't play golf, say, your a member of a shooting club. Me and my dad like to take a few of his rifles and a shotgun to the range a few times a month, any way of strapping them the the bike :grin: lol im not serious about putting them on a bike, cos then my dad would have to still drive the car anyway :grin:

    Taking golf clubs on a bike will just get in the way. Unless you get a 2-part club that is in 2 parts and screws together, my dad has one from his dad, theyre pretty cool and you could easily take it on any bike.

  15. my old man welded up some 'roofracks' for his bike back in the 70s so he could carry his surfboard around. with the board on it doubled as a nice sun-shade.
  16. Why all the negativity?

    In Bali, all the surfers get around on scooters with board cradles on the side. In some thread somewhere here a guy had a harpoon or something strapped to his sportsbike. I've carried a full 65lt hiking pack on a 135cc yamaha. And of course, as has already been mentioned, let us not forget the bbq man.

    You can carry big things on bikes safely, it just needs a little thought.

    A trailer would be a pain, and not legal for a learner in Victoria (and I would assume other states are the same).
  17. Golf Clubs etc

    I still find it hard to come to terms with the wisdom of carrying a bag of clubs on a bike. Sure they should offer no problem while all is well. It's the potential they would have to seriously hurt the rider in the case of an off that concerns me.
  18. Went camping last weekend... Saw a guy ride past with his surfboard strapped to the side of his bike.

    And I strap my speargun to the bike as well...