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How cagers are trained to kill us

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by incitatus, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Heh heh I love those guys.
  2. Top gear is probably The best show on tv, along with Simpsons, Futurama(hopefully it'll go back in prod.) and Mythbusters. (They do have a tendency to dislike motorcyclists; oh well)
  3. stupid download limit :(
    only one week to go!!!!!
  4. Wouldn't it be great to have a bike show with such fantastic production values, intelligent writing, interesting stories and such fantastic characters?


    I remember the 5th Gear review when the Monaro was released over there. It had a button which you could press to engage traction control. When the guy pressed it, a robotic voiceover with an Aussie accent came on saying "Ya pommy pooftah, whaddya want traction control for? What are ya, a big bloody nancy boy? Ya poof."

    Laugh? I nearly shat.
  5. That was on Top Gear.
    And the clip is actually Fifth Gear :)
    Both great shows tho. Fifth Gear have done quite a few bike vs car episodes, with the Duc 999 and lately Suzi GSXR-1000 vs some small supercar. First episode in the 6th season was the best though, FireBlade vs Honda formula 1 car!
  6. i dont think they should encourage people to do that some might take it seriously on another note top gear is awesome ive downloaded so many episodes. its also on in 10 mins, cya guys
  7. Complete the lyric

    We have not laughed so hard since grandma.........
  8. direct link MIGHT help.
  9. cleaned it up last time!!
  10. Something about catching her knocker in the mangle?

    Stuffed if I know where it's from though...
  11. It's from Derek and Clive (Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore), off "Derek and Clive Come again". The track is "Young Dudley Moore Performs "Jump"