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How bulletproof is bulletproof?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hi there fellas, i'm still looking at my first bike, and after a lot of imput, and taking my 6'1" frame into consideration, one of the shortlist that i am gonna have a test ride on is the Kwaka GPX250. total sexyness aside, i have heard that they are relatively bulletproof mechanically... but how bulletproof is bulletproof? like, is a 1989 bike too old? 1999? how many k's? considering that i may hold it for 1-ish years (provisional period + possibly more depending on saving time, sexyness of bike, availability of upgrade and fuel prices), and i am aiming at $3k, with the provision of $4k if its a REALLY good deal, how old should do?



  2. For that sort of bike, and the age, I wouldn't spend more than $1500......
    Yes they are rugged bikes, but you will have to take each one on it's merits. Considering they did not change fo near on 20 years, the decision will boil down to how that particular bike has been treated.
    I would take a well running but rough cosmetically one over a freshly painted show pony for example.
    Teh bonus of teh GPX 250 is abundance of used and new parts, due to a massively long model run, so if it needs fixing, it will be cheap.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I have a 1989 GPX and it still works fine, i wouldnt pay more then 2 grand for one tho, too old (mine has 57000 kms with 46000 km when i got it) and i paid about 1500.
  4. Bike shops won't be interested in bikes under 3 grand, so by all means look at bikes there but don't buy there because you'll pay twice as much for something like this as you would privately. In this end of the market the Trading Post is your friend.

    In terms of 'bulletproof', these engines will run forever if treated right... but there's the catch: no engine is bulletproof enough to run for long with no oil. If one of these has been badly mistreated it can turn into a mess and a money pit - even if the parts are around, having work done and having your bike off the road sucks.

    So I'd suggest getting a mechanic's check on any bike as a condition of the purchase. Get the compression checked and have them listen for potentially expensive noises in the engine and so on.

    All the best with it.
  5. The engine may be bullet proof but other things will give you problems on older learner bikes. Bearings, linkages, electrics, carbies, etc.

    Get the youngest bike you can. Kilometers are a bit less important on a learner as you are more worried about number of previous owners.
  6. There is no reason why these engines wont do over 100,000k if looked after.
    The rest of the bike will be pretty worn by then and the clutch will be stuffed or on its second one.
    Aim for as low k's as possible as this will lesson the chance of you being the 5th owner. 2 rough owners is better than 4.
    For 4k you will get one with less than 40,000k and in good if not great nick, which will be better value than a 2k bike with 80,000 on the clock.
    Many GPX/ZZR have speedo's replaced so make sure the k's are genuine. Freshen up the suspension and you'll be sweet.
    Steer clear of anything that has been repainted. There are less risky options around.
  7. +1 to everything Typhoon said. Great bike, find one that's been treated well mechanically.
  8. 5k gets you an 07 one with low kms

    4k gets 03+ with low kms

    3k gets 99-03 with medium kms

    2k gets 89-99 with medium to high kms depending on condition

    1k gets you a PoS but it will sometimes start ;)

    4k is a good amount to spend, you won't lose on depreciation and you'll still have a very reliable bike.
  9. they are not really bullet proof at all. a 7.62mm 155gr FMJ projectile would smash through the casings shattering the crank/pistons making for a great anchor.
    :roll: :p

    infact, im planning on testing the ballistic qualities of a KBC VR-2 helmet, so if anyone wants to donate a blown engine i can test the theory above at the same time :grin:
  10. Plus one to what has been said. And yes, spend you're money this way rather than new as per you're (cough :?) other thread checking out the Scorpio. For $4 you could get yourself a nice late model VTR etc. For $1800, if you're prepared to look at bikes like the Scorpio, you could get a 10 year old CB250 or SR250 which, above qualifications aside, are going to be more bullet-proof than most anything else out there!