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How bloody GREAT is Putty Road!?!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by browny, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Abso^&*kinglutly Fantastic!

  2. Awesome Ride

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  3. Not Bad

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  4. I've had better

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  1. Evening All,

    Went for a bash along Putty Rd Today for the first time with TWEET. (Thanks TWEET)

    Gotta say I bloody loved it and can't wait to get up there again. The road surface is unreal and the twisties and sweepers were created with Bikes in Mind!!!!!

    So I thought I'd start a Poll and see what the rest of the Netriders (at least the ones in NSW think)
  2. Well, I learned to ride on the Putty in 1974 when the surface was a lot worse, and the livestock too, but it's a pretty good hundred miles of ride, with some challenging twisties thrown in, that's for sure :).
  3. Just wished my bike had a warp drive button to fastforward through the straight boring bits, nice twisties, had my first compresion lock up through a corner there, hairy stuff.
  4. google maps says: good road

    darklightBoy says: I'll tell ya in January once I get there :p
  5. Thanks for a great ride and a great day Browny.

    Yep, I reckon it is THE best road within hundreds of km from Sydney, and possibly could be one of the best roads in OZ. On big capacity bikes, the sweeping turns can be taken >150km/h with riding on rails stability, my bird just loves it.

    In NSW, I say it is up there with the best amongst Oxley, Thunderbolts, and Waterfall Way.
  6. im dobbing :p
  7. hey wheres that putty road? can you direct me I gota check this out
  8. Without doubt, but by the time I get to the start of the Putty, I'd be very close to the Wollombi Pub :cool: And if you link up for the Wisemans run be nearly as much fun as Putty.

    Just did Waterfall Way in May, for the first time, tremendous stretch of well maintained road and hardly any traffic.
  9. I used to live on it, and for a few years commuted to Colo. It's good, but it's a long boring bit between the Colo part and the Broke part. Combined with the Old Pac Highway loop through Wollombi it's a good day out.

    Used to drop the kids at school in Wilberforce at 9am and be back to get them at 3pm after the loop.
  10. I said can be, didn't say I did :p :LOL:
  11. Oh yeah.. Putty is farken awesome

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. I've heard the smaller 250's can take them just as fast :grin:
  13. I've no idea how good it is YET, but in about a week i can give you an opinion :twisted:
  14. Why certainly

    Here 'tis

  15. I don't think the little 400 embarassed itself :LOL:

    Anyway, I like Putty lots. Next thing to try will be Bucketts, that section from Gloucester to Krambach looks pretty yummy from a cage, so... :grin:
  16. Indeed a nice road. Would say around Oberon is better but Putty road is nice too. On the straights you can open the throttle to the stop, bends are very fast and flowing. A lot of them are double apex, visibility is ok but not great. I like the northern bit closer to Singleton where you have the '16km bends' sign. Do that bit back and forth twice and you've completely forgotten how long it took you to get there from Sydney.
  17. Ah yes, happiness was living in Denman for over 7 years :LOL:.
  18. putty is the best road around sydney. i rate the oxley higher but. just out of curiosity, is anyone interested in that 1 day oxley run ive been trying to do for the last 3 months on tuesday the 4th of sep?
    cmon, tweet i know you want to... you too jake!
  19. dom i got the new engine, if i have it in before then i will be there, carbs are done up, jets 3 sizes larger just incase it didnt use enough fuel before :LOL: , oh and cams mmm can't wait to get it in
  20. I can get 400km out of a tank, so I can spot you some PULP from my Honda tanker if there are no servo's within 50km of the last one :LOL:

    Dom, maybe, just maybe, c'mon YAK what do you think??

    Also I never said the small capacity bikes weren't fun on the Putty, and I have never ridden it on anything <1000cc hence why I know it is so much fun on big capacity bikes... :p