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How big of a change? GSX-R 1000 to Busa?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. As the subject says, I'm in the market for a new bike and I'm considering a Busa either 2007 or 2008. The reason being I still love going for a blast round the twisties but I'm wanting to some really long rides where a Jixxer thou just wouldn't be as comfortable.

    SO are there any Busa riders that can give me some info?

    Has anyone gone from a Jixxer thou to a Busa specifically?
  2. Are you set on a busa??

    There are plenty of litre plus sports tourers out there.
    Triumph sprint st sounds exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Dude, I don't want to rain on your parade, but a busa sounds like a great bike for what he wants to do.

    Do you have probems with the wieght of the busa in the twistes?

    Oh that's right, your on a little VTR250...
  4. I still want to be able to hit the spur and Reefton, but I'm wanting to do some big rides too, Queensland and what not.

    I'm thinking the Busa is my best bet, but please feel free to gimme some other suggestions if you feel they would better suit...

    P.S I'm waiting to test ride a Busa myself, they aren't too easy to find though as far as demos go. I'd really like some info from current or former Busa owners.

    Cheers :)
  5. Busa, ZX12, Blackbird can all cut up the twisties just fine, yet do a million miles and hour for days on end.

    Sounds like you need to go on a test ride FRENZY!!!!

  6. "my parade"???? wtf

    My point was only that there are many other litre or larger sports tourers out there. Perfect for "rides where a Jixxer thou just wouldn't be as comfortable".

    Theres no need to start measuring our di*ks.
  7. Kinda the opposite to what Raven's just done: Blackbird to Blade. Take note of why he did it... You can't lean the big beasts as hard through the corners due to lack of ground clearance. Also, the suspension is softer on the larger bike. Is it adjustable on the Busa? That might help things. So yeah, Raven could certainly play with his bird through the twisties, but not to the same extent. As for comfort, he actually found the bird very tough on his upper body due to the big reach to the bars. Check how comfy the busa really is for your size.
  8. what?
    i just walked all the way out to the ute, with no shoes on, in the rain to get the tape measure :evil:
  9. Part of the reason behind me leaning towards the Busa more aswell, is cause I'm under the impression it's the 'sportiest' out of the tourers.

    To me it seems it'd be the closest handling wise to my old GSX-R 1000 K6.
  10. I did it naked and tripped over 3 times on the way myself. :p
  11. My cousin has done a similar change for the same reasons, R1 - sprint st. The sprint is very similar in weight to the new busa (sprint is 10kg lighter) but with slighty shorter wheelbase. Sure, you only have 1050cubes between your legs but are you doing much touring over 200kmh??

  12. Just buy some helibars and a Corbin seat for the gixxer. Instant touring bike. Problem solved.
  13. zx14?

    *waits for blue14 to rave about his bike, and his disappointment with the flat spot in the low revs kawa put there to make it harder to slip with the throttle*

    might be getting a touch small, but even a vfr800? Very techy, but sporty and tourery.

    Ps, can someone lend me a tape, my yard stick isnt long enough.
  14. just zero the trip meter/odo on the bike, and roll it from the base until you get to the dangerous end ;)
  15. Here i am devil.. :grin:

    Where will i start to tell you about the bike that has it all..

    Is quick, comfortable and now the 08 model has been fixed up to eliminate that crazy secondries not opening until 6000rpm.. And gains and extra 8 ponies.. :twisted:

    I have fixed that problem on mine with the normal mods, pipes, filter and PC111 with custom dynoed map.

    Anyway i will attach the write up i did some time back.. Will give you an idea of what this great machine is all about..

    ZX14 Review
  16. What about speedo innaccuracies? Add 15% to get the real figure?
  17. Hmmmm, I didn't consider a ZX-14 until now. Hey Blue14, have you ridin a Busa before?

    If you have, how do they compare?

    They're both 215kg from what I've read.

    Thanks for the info guys.

    But I could use more :)

    Any Busa owners on here?
  18. Havent ridden a current Busa so i cant really comment on the latest.

    Did ride an 05 Busa as when i was looking back then.. I ended up with the ZX12R as it was a much better bike.

    So has the Busa changed much i ask ??

    If not i say the 14 will be a better bike, as overall i say the 14 edges out the 12 i owned..
  19. Ask Franky (gsxbusa) he rides one and he raves about being able to flick it through corners yet comfy for long extended rides. :)
  20. :oops:

    Damn, I only had to reach for the micrometer... :oops: