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How big is your motorcycling family

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. I'm sure there are people out there with bigger riding fams, but I am still proud of mine.

    Pic 1. is daughter and her 250RR, son and his R1, me and my ZZR600.

    Pic 2. is my dad on his Panther, that's mum standing beside him and the pic was taken out near Heidleberg Railway Station sometime in teh early 50's. (does anybody know what the bike in the background is?)

    Pic 3. is our Grandson Coops, developing his technique on a 49cc pocket bike.

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  2. Just me. I'm a one man wolf pack.
  3. Grandfather, father and me.

    then theres 3 bikes in the sharehouse im in at the moment. the bike family can never be to big
  4. Nothing of any significance in my family tree and little more on my wife's side but it hasn't stopped me from infecting my kids - all three plus the ring-in have spoken about getting licensed. I like the idea of a dynasty lol but would be perfectly happy with the family that rides together :)
  5. My brother has a Zx9 and my dad had a er185 when I was growing up but has since moved to pushbikes now.

    My mum had a CB125 back in '76 when she fell pregnant with me. Mum (like all Mum's) hate my riding as she worries but I tell her it is her fault for introducing it to me in utero. No wonder I am addicted now when I got to ride before I was born.
  6. One Uncle who's ridden for years. Another Uncle that used to ride a Police solo in Darwin, but doesn't ride anymore.

    ...and me.
  7. Same here.
  8. I don't have any pics but my pop had an old '48 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe while my father had a '69 Bonneville.

    I have had a few differnet bikes over the years.

    I competed in enduro events on a YZ 490, have also had a TS 185, a DR 400, a DR 650, a GPZ 1100 turbo, a CBR 1000 F, a CBR 1100 Blackbird, a Triumph Trophy 1200, a CB 550 Custom and now the Ducati.

    I guess the bug got me more than the others because while I remember the dad and pop riding the bikes I never saw them go on weekend rides or have spanner days.

  9. Could be an AJS or Matchless or even a triumph hard to see in the piccy,
    Is that a 600 sloper panther

  10. It most certainly is a 600 sloper, look close and he's still got the panther flags on the bars... I seem to remember him saying that most of the guys he rode with were on army surplus bikes, lots of BSA's..
  11. Just me really. Dad's got a bike but hasn't really ridden in years. Brother bought one on a whim a few years back but never got off his Ls.
  12. In the 40's and 50's my grandfather used to ride, they only had the bike and side car.
    My Nan would sit in the sidecar and my mum would be on the tank.
    When my Mum got remarried, she married a rider, then got her own licence.
    My brother and I both ride.
    At present I am the only one with bikes registered.
  13. My Dad rode a Royal Enfield. Don't know what else he rode and can't ask him because he's not with us any more, but he used to talk about the Royal Enfield.

    I have 2 brothers that currently ride, one a VTX1800 and the other a Blackbird. Another brother rode a VFR800 at the time he passed away. Bloody Honda's, disgraceful. I have another brother that used to ride but can't find the time these days.

    We've had everything from a postie bike, Yam 100, Kwaka 100, Kwaka 350, TS250, Ducati 450SS that I tried to (single) trail ride, in the wet, but dropped it, many times - it was my brother's bike and it was hard to get used to the RHS gears and LHS brake, oh and the road tires - 2 x Montessa Capra's, an IT425, 2 x DT250's, an RT360, GSX750, 2 x Triumph Sprints, a trials bike (dunno what make) and can't remember what else.

    Before the first one, the Yam 100, the old man told me that "NO MOTORBIKES WILL BE COMING INTO THIS HOUSE!" He understood though.
  14. My Grandfather rode an Indian with Sidecar, my brother rode but now has family ;) and me. I am the only one with a current bike.
  15. Me and my daughter, my brother rides (his son's just got his Ls and a ZZR250) and my sister (but she doesn't have a bike at the moment), my wife rode until she had to stop for health reasons and her brother still rides.

    My uncle used to tell the story of how back in the 30's he, my father and another brother would ride three up from the family farm at Buderim (Q) down to Maroochydore and back all the time. (I believe it was a Norton but I'm not certain)
  16. Me and two of my three sons have and ride motorbikes; only the youngest has yet to get bike licensed. My eldest rode motorbikes even before we came here but my second son got to ride when we were here already.
  17. My mum rode bikes (didn't own a car) up until I was born. She was right into it, grew up in the bush riding horses then trail/ag bikes then road bikes. My grandad had an old triumph back in his day too.

    My dad hates bikes, I don't think he's too fond of me riding. He lost a few close mates to bike accidents (so did my mum but that never stopped her).
  18. Lone solider here, although.. I think I do have a distant cousin somewhere who rides.
  19. My grandfather had too many bikes to count, my grandmother had (and still has in mint condition) I think it's a 67, or a 76 bantom 125...
    My father has had bikes his whole life..
    Then there is me on my R1, and my sister on her cbr250...

    Unfortunately I have no pics of any of u together as we are spread accross the country side lol.... Looking forward to the day we do get a family biking pic....
  20. my grandfather used to ride in the 50s i think it was, im sure he had a triumph of some description, ill have to ask him.

    my uncle has been riding for years and years, gone round australia on a xr650 i think, and has basically always had bikes. now he has an 1150gs that gets used once a year ;)

    me and dad got our license at the same time, just after i hit 18. it really wasnt planned until we were driving along one day and i mentioned it.

    so theres a few of us so far :)