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How bad is this damage? ( GSXR-750 with pics )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_sikma, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Been riding my mates Gixxer and loving it, but it's been dropped before so I'm a bit put off from buying it...

    What do you think?

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  2. I would check the frame for scratches and any bent sections.
    Your mate's honesty in this area is a MUST !
    If it's just the fairings that are cracked (well, one of them, as per the pic) then you should be able to buy a replaceable panel for the affected area/s.
    We only live ONCE mate - if this is the bike that makes you smile and releases the stresses of daily mundane life from within... then DO IT !
    Good luck.

    PS - Sexy Gixxer (y)
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  3. I would hope it was cheap. Dropped and long in the tooth. At least you might be able to get a true service history.
    With frame damage I wouldn't put any money into it.
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  4. Yeah has defenite frame damage but apart from that and the fairing damage the rest of the bike is in good condition...

    30,000kms and its a 98 model...
  5. Frame damage = not road worthy, and written off.
  6. Agree. Parts only
  7. Check if it has been written off through a vehicle register check. If it has, you won't be able to insure it any more. BIG RISK!

    What's your 'mate' going to charge you? Have you compared it with similar bikes on bikesales.com.au?

    There's plenty of bargains out there, so I wouldn't jump on it just because it's coming from a mate. My philosophy is never to buy from a mate, because it can create bad blood. If something is going wrong with the bike after you bought it, you may feel like you've been ripped off. As Nickers330 was saying, trust is a big issue when buying from a mate.
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  8. Frame damage. Do. Not. Touch.
    Edit: And if you're thinking "Frame damage can be repaired, right?"
    Sorry. Steel tube frames, yes, but there are very, very few people with the skills and qualifications to do the rob right. Deltabox alu CAN NOT be repaired, at least not safely or legally.
  9. Awesome tracky if bought cheap.

    I'd be thinking somewhere between 2K-3K. A 2000 odd model 600/750/1000 traqck bike can be had for similar dollars if not a touch more around 4-5K.

    As others have said, don't buy it for the road, you're wasting ya time there with a damaged frame :(
  10. Frame damage = write off. stay away. Plus it looks like decent damage too. not just a little scratch
  11. cheers guys...

    and yeah he got it for around the 3k mark!

    other people have said a frame swap isnt too hard?
  12. I call bullshit on that one, where are you getting that from? If it's written off, it won't be registerable at all, where does insurance come into that?

    Or do you mean a repairable write off? Still shouldn't have any problem with insurance.

    If it's 1.5K & you can swap the frame yourself, it might be an ok buy.

    Frame swaps aren't too hard per se, but you will literally need to strip the bike down completely.