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How bad is the new solo advt

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by awseome, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. i absolutely hate it it ranks up there with the " i hate bad odors" yeah lady we all love it you are the only one who hates it. i wish there was more creativity in today's adverts.

  2. Probably slightly less bad than the rather unpleasant drink it advertises :grin: .
  3. It's not for that Solo Strong shit is it? It takes like flat Solo :evil:
  4. ironically i just saw another stupid ad

    one for xmas, encouraging you to buy the 'gift they want', vouchers..

    some gorilla dancing on this old lady's porch... wtf??
  5. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/-Bender-/Whatthefcuk.jpg

    This one was rather scary. Who the f&ck buys Lingerie for there mothers?
  6. Oedipus?
  7. What's the Solo ad in question?
  8. The 'Mother' ads are much worse, theyr bloody pathetic. they basically say 'oh we had no idea mother tasted so crap, were not taking any responsibility for the taste, we only made it we didn't drink it,its not our fault.'

    then on their newest ad they say 'from our last add we got heaps of complaints, not for the taste which everyone now loves but for the add, we didnt know everyone where so sensitive.' then its the same add as last time but with stick figures..

    The makers of the Mother ads are p-o-o-f-s
  9. Ewwwe, buying it for your mate's mum is one thing but it's a tad unnatural to buy it for your own mum. :shock:

    Unless..., I spose it's ok if she's your step-mum. :wink: :LOL:
  10. HAHA good spotting man, i never noticed that.