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How bad do I feel!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Toefa, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Last oil change i rounded the bolt that holds the filter in, so today was the day to get at it with a pair of multi grips and get it out.

    $63 freaking dollars for a new filter bolt and i was set. I got 2 hours into trying to force this bloody thing off, then my neighbour came down and tried to help. After an hour or so of the both of us trying, my neighbours flatmate walks out and lends his assistance too, then another neighbour who is a tradie with some good power tools... We had the bike lifted at the front end at balance point and still couldnt get the sucka off.

    So maybe 4 hours, angle grinders, lock grips, multi grips and files later, we decided it was a lost cause. So we went on to just do the oil change.

    The first neighbour that had lent a hand decides it'd be a perfect time to change the oil on his 2006 GS500 and ducks off to get some oil.

    Meanwhile it has started to rain, so i thought i'd wheel his bike into his garage until he got back. Once i'd wheeled it inside i popped some weight on the centre stand to get it parked, when all of a sudden i'd over-balanced and the bike started getting away from me :shock: i was at my own balance point for what seemed like a minute all the while thinking 'if this goes one millimetre more to the far side im gone'.... then it happened, i fell over the bike and it fell against his garage wall, smashing the mirror with the most God awful sound and laid to rest at about a 30 degree angle.

    I couldn't believe what i had done! The moment he got back i couldnt say sorry enough, i wanted him to kick the mirrors off my bike just for retaliation.

    I've told him to go in and get a quote and i am happy to fix up ANYTHING that is needed to get it back in the exact shape that it was before i put my grubby, clumsy ass hands on it, but he kept refusing and saying it didnt matter at all. I ended up forcing him to take $100.00 to get the mirror fixed, but there was still small scratches on the exhaust and one of the engine covers.

    I am seriously so upset that i have done this to someone that was so willing to lend a hand all afternoon and i go and repay him like that :sick:

    Anyone else done something as stupid, or willing to offer some suggestions on the right way to pay my dues??
  2. oh man that seriously sucks ar$e.
    i know exactly how you feel.been there done,done that..
    the best thing you could do is wait until he gets the mirror then rock up to his joint with an oxy-acetyline torch and a jackhammer and offer to fix it for him :rofl:
  3. Sounds like a pain with the sump plug, my first thought would be to cut a cross in it and use an impact driver to undo, but that could be a bit crude :wink:
  4. Did you try heating the engine up first before trying to get it off? The different expansion rates of the metals with temperatures can mean that sometimes something will get stuck when cold, but will be easier when hot. Sometimes the reverse is true as well....in which case, apply ice to the bolt.

    Sorry to hear about what happened to your mate's bike though. It's one of the worst feelings when you damage someone else's property that you respect.
  5. I think it was the oil filter bolt rather than the sump plug, but the same approach might work. The heating suggestion makes sense too. Worst case if it's the oil filter bolt you might be able to either weld something to it for extra leverage or just cut the top off it, take off the oil filter and then work int he bolt with more shaft available (ooer).
  6. Hey FLUX, yeah i had it heated up to begin with, then by the end it was completely cold. We cut a groove in the bolt and even tried bashing it with a chisel and hammer... Nothing. We got the angle grinder and cut the washer looking head of the filter bolt so it was square on each side to get the multi grips on it, but still nothing. I dont even care about my stupid problems though now.. I just wanna get this fella down stairs a new mirror and have him fixed up :(
  7. get an 'easy-out' set.i think thats what theyre called.
    drill a hole in the top of the bolt and screw the easy-out into the hole which has an opposite thread.attach the handle and hook in.letting some wd-40 or similar soak in first might help too.
  8. Easyouts won't work in this situation - they don't have enough size or strength to get a reasonable sized tool onto them.


    Trevor G
  9. Forget using multigrips - they expand when pressure is applied.

    You need something which locks tightly onto the remaining head of the bolt, even a shifter which is set tightly on should do.

    Then, you attach a length of water pipe over the handle of the shifter to give you leverage. A correctly fitting spanner with a long enough lever will move anything. Sometimes clamping the multis on the jaws of the shifter will also help to hold it in place while levering away.

    Remember what Archimedes said.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS Sorry about the accident. It's not a big deal, especially if the guy who owned the bike is not upset. - you are a good bloke to try to sort it out so quickly! Accidents happen. I know, my son parked the VTR on the wet garden this am and it fell and smashed several things...
  10. Let ya in on a trade secret- get a thread tap that's smaller than the bolt so much that it is smaller than the base of the thread, and grind the tap so that you remove the thread cutting part but leaving the grooves that go up the length of it. Make it so that it is a wedge shape, but not to steep... grind the cutting edges so that they will cut into the material (being the bolt) when turned anti-clockwise.
    So to use the tool, drill a hole in the broken bolt/stud as close to centre as is humanly possible, tap tool gently in hole, try turning, tap tool again, try turning... these little buggers haven't failed me yet.
  11. yes, i've been making the earth move for chicks with my lever for over a decade.
    however, length hasnt been such a factor. :cool:
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Stealthassassin I had a similar thing happen to me today, not dropping my neighbours bike but rather wearing the thread down on a couple of allen bolts on my bike. Don't know if it was the allen key I tried to use (the one that came with the bike) or if the service guys tightened the bolt too tight, but after about 1 hour of trying to unscrew the bolts holding my seat down so I could install my new scorpio alarm system I decided that the allen key approach wasn't going to work so needed to take drastic action. Ended up using a dremel (bought one from bunnings) and cut the top part of the bolt into a rectangle (previously dome-rounded) and then used a spanner to get the bolts off. Worked a treat, I got the seat off, installed the alarm, put the bolts on and she's as good as new....apart from the massacred bolts. Will look at replacing them down the track some time.
  14. dam brother that sucks, trying to help him out, its good to see he was understanding though, he could easily have gone nuts.
  15. it could be worse, he could have been the only one after 4 hours to get that oil filter nut off too. :p

    Then you would feel like a real suka.
  16. That's REALLY gotta suck .. and ... :oops:
    Try grinding the sides so you can forcibly tap a smaller size impact socket onto the bolt .. then use a breaker bar to undo. Be prepared to destroy the socket if it's not an impact socket though.
    Good Luck!
  17. Weld another bolt/nut onto tehhead of teh existing bolt, then turn it out when it's still very hot from teh welding.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. ^^ thats what i'd try.

    On my old 250RR i accidently did the same thing as you to the oil filter bolt. lucky i was able to file it back into shape. I used a twin hex socket to undo it, which slipped and screwed up the head of the bolt. In future use a single hex socket ;)
  19. Well it's good to know, that i'm not alone :)

    I went down to Action in the City in my lunch break and got two new mirrors (incase the replacment was different to the OEM mirror) for my neighbour, and will help put them on tonight. Well maybe i shouldnt help....

    Thanks for the tips on getting the filter bolt off, but after the mammoth effort Saturday, i'm dropping it into a Mechanic next oil change and will get them to do it. I got a price for the new Filter cover - $32.00, so i figure it shouldnt cost more than $100 for someone with an idea to do it.
  20. I disagree. I used an opposite thread on my rearset bolts that wouldn't budge and it worked a treat. I'd imagine the torque on the bolts to be about the same if not more on the rearset bolt. Filter bolts are normally 15-20 torques. The easy out/ reverse threads are good so long as you drill the hole dead centre and be gentle. I was using a torque wrench with a 2 foot handle and couldn't remove the stripped bolt. Easy out was simple. As for size, there are quite a few from small to so god awful big I don't know what you'd use them on. Every toolbox should have one.