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How are you??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Okay, the last one died. Keep it just to how your days were, anything that annoyed you, made you laugh, if you're sick / unwell or if you just need a place to rant.
    Maybe you met your perfect woman / man today and need to let it out.

    My day so far?
    I'm still sick. I've taken the day off, and have an appointment with the doc at 2pm. And I NEVER go to the doctor when I'm sick. But this cough is like a horse coughing with the flu about to fall over and die.
    I have a little bit of a stuffy nose, well, quite a bit, actually. But nothing really dreadful except extremely painful throat and this cough.

    Going to do shopping in about 10 mins for groceries, and then going to lunch with my mum and her friends. I hope they have soup or some good fresh juice!! Which they will.. unless they've magically run out.. which isn't possible because woolworths is next door :) *sigh of relief*

    And then? I'm cleaning my room... Damn.


    * hope everyone is well. if not, we'll help :)
  2. Oh sugar! I just realised... I NEEEEEDDDD to get better really soon so I can come to the chrissy party all happy and well!!!!

    *thinks healthy hapy thoughts*
  3. I dropped my freshly spraypainted bike on both sides within 3 days, and within 2 weeks of getting it done. The first time was simple bad luck, and the second time, yesterday was because I was a fcuking idiot, and was too lazy to move it to a more stable position on the driveway. It took $1500 and about 3 months to get the lazy spraypainter to finally fix those fairings.

    Someone hit me really hard :(
  4. :blackeye:

    There ya go -- anything to help about ....
  5. Awww :( momo you okay?

    That really sucks

    Don't worry... Bad things come in two's, and then good things come in threes! So, here comes the goodluck :grin:
  6. I'm totally afraid of riding my bike when I get my fairings back for this reason! :(

    I need some cans of HTFU though.

    Hope you get better holly, xmas party soon!
  7. im at work, working .. not that fun .
  9. 3 Months what was he doing ?? inventing the paint ? :(
  10. Feeling flat. Thanks for asking. :|
  11. go do the loop when you knock off :)
    that will cheer you up, it worked for me today!
  12. Got hayfever. Housemate's dog not helping. I swear that little fella moults his own weight every hour.

    How I'm feeling:

    The suspected culprit:

    Somehow I think he's gonna get away with this scot-free.
  13. That dog is cyoot! I think he could cheer me up :)

    Loz you look how I felt last night. lol...

    Caz, I'd love to do the loop... maybe Sunday... but tonight I have a grinding band rehearsal - back catalog refresh... sigh.

  14. Feeling fabulous!!

    One reason was I serendipitously met Robsalvv, Whippet and another NetRider at San Churros (mmmm ..... Spanish Donuts and Chocolate!!) on Monday night

    Another reason is that I have this week off

    Another reason is I am about to head off to Choir Practice

    But the main reason is that I got Married on Saturday!! It was a fabulous day with great weather, lots of lovely people, yummy food, plenty of drinks and of course my stunning Sri Lankan bride in her Sari.

    Gotta make you feel good!!

  15. Hey WGM - was nice to meet you the other night. Congratulations on your wedding - sounds like you both had a magical day.

    Me... i've had better days. Work was fulfilling as usual but unfortunately brushed over with some sadness. It's hard having a job where I have to be smiling all the time and so giving when sometimes (rare occasions) it's the last thing I feel like doing - just longed to curl up on the couch with my dog to cuddle

    Hey Loz - that puppy looks like he's gonna get away with moider. Lemme know if you want any more to babysit..hehe. Actually you could probably just send that little one over to me - they feel so nice to squeeze.
  16. Thanks

    It was lots of fun. Next time hope to chat with you longer!

  17. :( *hugs* I know exactly what you mean. I wish I had a dog of my own. My dad has two dogs, my mum and brother each have a dog (though mainly my mums).. And I have a cat.. And I'm not really a cat person. Anytime you're not home, just ask me to pop over and babysit the dog :) Though, yesterday I went and applied for a few jobs, so that was my option, because lately every day is a struggle to get into work, and it's not just because I'm sick.

    Also *big hugs to robsalvv* You okay hun? Why you feeling flat? I think a dvd and yummy food night is needed. Hire out tonnes of dvds, well, at least 3, and get all your fave comfort foods, and just watch the dvds and eat to your hearts content. I do it at least once a month. It's good. It works :)

    ME - well, I am still sick. Also got a needle yesterday for that cervical cancer thing so my arm is still sore... Doesn't help that I woke up, and was lying on it! :p But, um, I went through over 100 tissues yesterday, which was really scary. There's tissues all over the house, that I'll clean up later (don't worry, they are in neat piles just from where I was sitting / lying, and out of peoples way.) Yesterday I sneezed at least 30 times. Each one hurt just as bad as the last, if not worse. I just sneezed 10 seconds ago, also.
    This is by far the worst cold I have ever had, if it is indeed a cold. Stupidly, I am going to work today, but I shouldn't be. But am getting there at 10:30 instead of 9, as I can't be on the phones what with the sniffing and sneezing and blowing my nose and this stupid voice I have aquired. I sound like a bloody chipmunk.

    On the plus side, yesterday I got a new phone, and I also got the new matt riley book. So all in the world is good again :) .... Sort of.

    Hahaha I found this awesome card at the newsagents yesterday. It's got this picture of a child looking like she's just seen or smelt something REALLY gross. Nose scrunched up, down-turned mouth, squinty eyes... The caption then reads:
    "Usually proud of her farts, the stench from that last one had even shocked Emma." -- GOLD! I was in the newsagent laughing my weird sounding laugh (sounds weird due to this cold), and everyone was like ... "what!??!" So I showed them. There was 8 of us in stiches. :p

  18. I had a brilliant day.

    A nice quiet day at work, and I asked a beautiful gal out and... wait for it... she said yes! For the past few weeks I've managed to see her every day and not get sick of her, which is a feat for me, and vice versa.

    fcuking yay!


    She likes the same music as me, is studying the same instrument I play. Same movie taste and can talk for hours about absolutely bugger all.

    But here's the killer.

    She's my ex-girlfriends sister.
  19. OMG that's awesome!!! Sounds like you two really connect!!! ACE!!! Except, yes... how is the ex-girlfriend taking it? :p

    But really, even if she did care, should it matter that much? I mean, you're really happy, and that should be all that matters, right? But it really depends on who dumped who... Did she do the dumping, or did you? And is she currently seeing someone?
  20. Yeah lowercase - dogs really do make wonderful friends. I have two and they have seen me through some rough times. They bring me alot of joy with their happy faces. One in particular is a real snuggler (just like a cat) so I turn to him when I need a cuddle :)

    As for that card....LMAO :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Much needed....thanks :grin: