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How are you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. This thread is just for people to get stuff off their chests. If you've had a bad day, and want to vent, post it here. How was everyones days? Anything interesting happen? Post it here, we wanna know!!

    Let us know all the goss etc! Let us know whatever.

  2. I'm great.
    I got a tattoo this afternoon.
    I think the antiseptic cream I have to put on it hurts more than the needle did.
  3. Team Fortress 2 is slowly, but surely, taking over my non-working waking hours. It's just like the original but better in all the right ways.
  4. *hugs*
    What type of tattoo?

    I got a parking fine today after a lady complained to the police about where I parked my bike. Anyway, long story short, it was their fault, I was in tears, almost dropped my bike, it was 10cms above the ground, I collapsed and just couldn't hold anything in anymore.

    So now I am writing a letter to the council - the second one today.

    The first one was informing them of the lack of parking spaces for motorcycles...

    The second one telling them they can shove their fine (as I spoke to them about the parking BEFORE the fine was issued)

    LONG LONG story. Lots of tears, lots of crap. I'm over it.

    Now I am just relaxing.
  5. that sucks :?
  6. Cha. I'm going to take it to court if need be.
  7. Well I was telling my dad about how im going to buy a motobike real soon and i think something in him clicked and well as they say $hit hit the fan. He basicly said he wont let me do anything of the sort and he will kick me out of home before i will have one.

    So my position at the moment. Im seriously considering moving out of home, but im not sure where ill go. I was thinking I could move into a house with someone (hells know who), hopefully people a fair bit older then me, because thats the age group I can best relate to. Save some money buy my bike and well, the father will get over it, he just doesnt really understand my passion and enthusiam for bikes.

    Anyways until then, im still stuck here, and it will be at least 3-4 weeks before I can move out.

    Anyone in Brisbane area looking for a hassle free student :LOL:
  8. My parents weren't keen on me getting a bike initially either Kharlton. I'd been telling them that I was going to get one in the not too distant future, and they had said no I wasn't. Then my circumstances at work changed, and I was able to get one now - they then understood that I was serious, and although they weren't happy about it, they accepted it.

    My how things have changed now - why just the other day Mum was making fun of me before I left for work, asking if I was going to ride to work in the rain like a real bikie, or take the car (I wimped out and took the car).
  9. Yeah parents only do that out of concern... just buy one. I doubt parents that are making a big fuss about you riding will actually kick you out... I still get told to sell my bike EVERYTIME I see my Mum. I'm 27. Just mock them with the death defying tales of wheelies and stopies (explain that one to them) 200k/hr riding. etc. etc. You'll bug them then and laugh and not worry about the nagging. Have fun with it.

    Do u have you car licence? I think u need that first now right?
  10. Yeah yeah, I got my car licence, my own car and my bike L's.
    But my dads pritty firm, i think ill have to at lease move out initially.
  11. im writing a letter to the HCCC regarding the nurse and dr who deliberately denied pethidine from me the day after surgery. i was screaming, begging, and pleading for help and in so much pain i was hollucinating and then unable to talk

    i got a medical report from HCCC [used to base decision on] which said these 2 things

    -the exact cause for ms grays treatment is unknown


    -given junior status, i do not recomend disiplanary charges be brought fwd

    my letter pretty much says [and i put it much better than \/]

    how can you admit to not knowing the cause and make a referal based on ignorance?

    please ensure you only make informed choices regarding this matter. motive is a factor and crucial

    i am very disapointed in the IMA's willingness to jump to conclusions when the following evidence was there to be found;

    blah blah
    blah blah
    evidence evidence
    [you did a shit job]

    i have been informed by HCCC employee that if this was a case of a nurse taking the pethidine herself that was meant for the patient that the HCCC would 'jump all over it', It seems to me that the 'patient' side of both senarios is not the consideration of the HCCC at all. this is not what the tax pay would consider to be apt from a government commisioned orginization whith the word 'care' in it's tital

    cheers :cool:
  12. tatts dont hurt,,, they cain :p
  13. I'm very great!

    I eat a banana fritter! :LOL: hmmmm
  14.  Top
  15. ha ha! 'BLOW DRY!' i LOVE it bambam101!!!!

    but yeeeaah, ya cant win! you just dont know what the descresion is going to be from coppa to coppa, rust to bust. they're not allowed to use their own descresion, but wodaya gunna do eh?

    cheers :cool:
  16. In this case, bend over and let em have their way with me whilst praying to god I can still walk after theyve finished reaming me! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. :LOL: ^^


    we're use to it after so many years of howard :LOL:

    i just wish they would start bringing the whip out, because there's no use hiding what they really want, yeah

    cheers :cool:
  18. Me and the gf's family all had a lobster each for dinner. T'was interesting and ... well.. expensive. But nice :grin:
  19. BTW

    what i said was


    and nr editing did this!


    :shock: ???
  20. what is it? the ... lobster?

    edit : oh yeah!!! MMmmmMmmMM! I like it so much!!!!!

    :grin: hey! you know what??! I'm a stomach leggeg!!! :grin: :grin:
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