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How are we meant to display parking pass's?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by moog, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. I often go to visit a mate who lives in Pyrmont and he gives me his vistors parking permit to put in my car. Its never a problem. They are year long and let you park anywhere in Pyrmont and they are portable so you can take them from car to car.

    Recently I took my bike and parked in a 2 hour space on Harris St Pyrmont. Low and behold when I got back, and almost to the minute, I had received a ticket because my parking pass was not displayed and I stayed 10 minutes over the 2 hours.

    Firstly I think its pathetic that while the city of sydney is promoting riding bikes and scooter to work instead of cars, they're still appy to fine you.

    And secondly, how are we meant to display parking permits on a bike? If I left a parking pass on my bike, guaranteed it would be stolen within the hour and end up in someones car and save them the money of buying one themselves.

    So what are we meant to do? How do we display them?

    I think I'll write in a letter with the parking permit number on it and ask them the same question.
  2. Yeah i think you should write a letter to explain, they would have on their files that you have a parking permit even though its not displayed. I was going to say why didn't you just park on the footpath, but that's not allowed in nsw is it :?

    Ideally you would need something like the rego label holder to display it, but then again an inspector probably wouldn't bother looking anywhere except the windscreen......... they like any reason to make their quota. It would clutter up your bikes look too having two rego holders, maybe a small stick-on barcode or something
  3. tell em it was in ur rego holder or was stolen
  4. you are under a misapprehension - the purpose of parking policy is not for you to pay fees. It's for you to pay FINES! :wink:

    Move to Victoria.
  5. In the ACT they give you a free bike holder for parking permits - you just have to pop into the RTA and ask for one.
  6. What a charitable bunch
  7. MOOG, am pretty sure that you would not have gotten the ticket for a pass not been diplayed. Here is a few links you can look at about parking in the Sydney area.

    this one is a map displaying all sydney CBD bikes parking that is untimed and free


    this one is the city of sydney web that states you are no longer required to purchase and display tickets, simply adhere to the time limits. Also explains about the unlimited time free parking as per the map above.


    If you got a ticket i would be checking these links to see if in fact you where in an unlimited time parking area.
Thread Status:
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