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How are we feeling?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Are we happy?

    I am. I had a great ride yesterday, with some excellent people, I've had a good winge & now I feel grrrrreat.

    Positive karma for everybody :D

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  2. tired only 10:45 and i need a good sleep.

    had to get up way to early for comfort this morning.
  3. Had a great weekend, felt good this morning, my dad gave me a lift to work this morning(NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT NEEDED!!!), no traffic, talked to the guy that owns a news agent down stairs, had a laugh, get into work. F***ING MISERABLE.... again.

    I'm glad someone is happy.
  4. Just imagine how good you will feel tonight getting into bed. Brilliant feeling.
  5. How can you be miserable. IT'S A SHORT WEEK.
  6. yeah but i got to last til 5 at work and the drive an hour on the freeway with all the other mad idiots in peak hour!
  7. yeah i know, and next week i turn 18. its ALLLLLL GOOD, outside of work. i think it's just the work i do and the people here. just makes you feel.......glum,
  8. Stick your tongue out at somebody behind their back.
    It works for me, I do it all the time.
  9. I'm happy. I watched the MotoGP without interruption. I'm rested and now I'm working hard. :D :D :D :D :D :arrow:
  10. How are we feeling?...With my hands same as always...:LOL:
  11. Will you be up for the repeat performance on the 25th G it will be a later night due to coming from Holland but it is a Sat night not a Sun night.
  12. Now that's a full weekend.
    Assen on the Sat, Misano on the Sun. Staying in that weekend, with LOTS of popcorn .... and beer, mustn't forget the beer.
  13. Looking good.
    Do you think that other forward planners would be ready for the NDR 2006 dates? Beechworth.
  14. You could always be lucky with the '06 NDR dates. You have more of an inside run with that rather than me. trouble is if it interferes with the Scumbag's Tassie Run then I know which one is going to win out.
    They are going to have to get it around the Supers and the Commonwealth games as well.
  15. 640km drive to Bega in a Nissan Patrol 4wd on Saturday,
    400km of chasing rally stages on Sunday.
    640km driving home.

    I need a comfy seat to sit in today.

    Mind you, driving on 150km of rally stages was fun.............
  16. Rugrat decided that 4am till 6am was playtime since he slept most of the afternoon /evening.
    I'll be happy when he reaches 2 months and develops a better sleep pattern.
  17. I'm tired, but happy :)

    Won the Australian Fox Hunting Championships in Mount Gambier on the weekend :D

    Unfortunately, the weekend was ruined by this thing called work.. :(

    Just another day in paradise....

  18. Not our cute & cuddly furry friends?
  19. How many of the little fcukers did you shoot???

    Also my morning started shit house. Not only did i start work at 8:00 but i didn't read the roster correctly and got woken up by a phone call at 8:15 asking where i was. GRRR
  20. Super! Thanks for asking!

    Yay for short weeks!

    Yay for the dry weather!

    Yay for having nothing I HAVE to do this weekend!

    Yay for having a clean bike!

    Yay to whoever switched my sugar for happy dust!

    YAY! YaY! Yay!

    :D :D :D