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How are Peter Stevens?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by S>Shift, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Title says it all. I'm planning on buying my first bike soon, and am interested in what people's experiences are with these guys. How is the post-purchase service and periodic bike servicing?

  2. Danger.Danger.

    Go else where, doubt you will find much praise for them in terms of buying bikes from any one on here
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  3. City store has a reputation for wild unhelpfulness.
  4. To be honest I've heard a few people now telling me that there are potential problems with the service, but I haven't heard or seen any first hand accounts or any real details about why they're bad for that matter.

    If we could single out a location, let's call Ringwood in particular as a store to focus on.

    I don't even know of any other place to get new bikes.... /newb
  5. I bought my wife's GS500 from the city store. The salesman was disinterested at best, the 1st service at 1000KM, was not done properly and over priced.

    Would I go back?? No, bought my bike a Honda at Metro Honda in Ringwood, sales service was great.

    However, for servicing of both bikes I cannot recommend Anything Two Wheels in Fitzroy highly enough.
  6. Ive never been to Ringwood store.

    Ive dealt with city Peter Stevens on a few issues, questions about my bike's warranty, coding of a spare key etc. I got what I wanted from them in the end but it certainly seemed like a terrible bore for them having to serve me.

    There is one guy in the accessories shop who has repeatedly been helpful. Others seemed not to be interested in service, and when pinned down didnt seem to know anything about products.

    Im sure you could find a few juicy bitchings with a forum search for peter stevens.
  7. What brand are we talking about, S-shift?
  8. I got my GS500 from PS Dandenong. When I was looking around for my bike I found you may save yourself a few hundred dollars buying the bike from them but you will get crap customer service and they will try and shaft you on service cost. They quoted me $400 for a GS500 service, I get it done at my local dealer for $180. I have had a few questions regarding the warranty and have emailed them 4 times, not once have I received a reply.
    When I upgrade next year I will not be buying from them regardless of price.
    Find a local dealer for the bike you want and stick with them, build a rapport with them and they will generally bend over backwards to help you.
  9. My experience with buying a new bike about 3 years ago was ok in Dandenong .

    But '' stay away from having it serviced there very very expensive, Do a search on here and you will find my story and a lot of other plp too ..

    If your thinking ringwood try Mick Hone in box hill..

    don't be afraid to ask '' good luck
  10. buying from them is fine in my experience, the servicing is another matter, can be hit and miss. Just because you buy from them doesn't mean you have to have them service it of course.
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Always good to be aware of this kind of stuff!

    I'm planning on buying a Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
  12. I tried to buy a brand new bike from them last year and have to say the experiance was shocking to say the least. Owning my own bike shop I know a think or two about buying bikes and how the industry works. I went in and after choosing the bike I wanted was introduced to the lady who runs the finance department. After advice from my accountant what I wanted was an $11,000 bike to be paid over 2 years which worked out to be $13,000 to pay back after interest and a nice little tax loss for my business. PS's finance lady told me that I could only buy a bike on 60 months finance because that was the only option PS do. When I told her I didnt want this option I was told that was the only way they would sell me a bike. I kept asking what the final pay out figure would be for 60 months but she would only tell me that it was $80 a week. No matter how many times I ask the final amount she refused to tell me. As the conversation went on she started to add other items to the deal such as fully comp insurance, tyre and rim insurance, gap cover insurance and payment plan insurance, none of these items which I wanted. After doing some rough maths in my head I figured out I was now looking at nearly $24,000 in finance for a $11,000 bike. After disputing the whole deal and repeatedly telling her that I only wanted a 2 year finance deal with no extras she then advised me that the best option was to sign up for the 60 month finance deal but then after the first payment ring the finance company and tell them I wanted to reduce the finance to 2 years. Now, knowing how finance works if I was to do this I would then be hit with a huge exit fee for wanting to re-finance the deal and end up very out of pocket. After spending about 20 to 30 minutes with her and getting no where plus being spoken to like I was an idiot I decied to walk out and go to another dealer.

    A couple of days later I was at Metro Honda wanting the same deal. I sat down with Jonh the business owner, was there for about an hour, filled out the forms and two days later the bike was on my door step.

    If your going to buy from PS do your maths first. Have the figure in your head of what you want to pay, dont get rail roaded by any pushy finance people and if you feel presured into signing any bits of paper just get up and walk out.
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  13. There are many other dealers out there but as above main concensus is to stay the he'll away from Peter Stevens.
  14. They have some great people on the sales side of things. Kelly in city triumph has been very helpful for me, as have all the staff i've encountered in the gear clearance center.

    There are some bad apples on the Elizabeth st side though. One guy from the honda store tried to tell me i'd only get $4,200 trading in my cb400, and then proceeded to say it would be "unethical" for him to call city triumph (after I asked him to) who told me i'd get $6000. The A'beckett store sorted it out for me in the end though via another (non-PS, shh) dealership.

    It's pretty apparent their servicing is something to stay away from though. There are plenty of horror stories around here of wheels not being re-attached properly/other completely insane negligent workmanship. On my own bike they didn't replace the oil sump washer on the first service, which is frankly pathetic since it's such a basic part of the first service.
  15. no-one can or will beat Peter Stevens on price with new bike sales, because they own nearly everyone.
    i've always found the Dandenong mob pleasant and easy to deal with.
    Ringwood i've found are liars*
    *ok, well they're all liars because they're salesmen; telling you what you want to hear or just making shit up... which is annoying because i research a product well before i buy it.. so when they say something false about it i walk.
    the benefit of the Dandenong store for me, is they just don't say anything> and therefore avoid making shit up about things they know absolutely nothing about.

    FTG for sales i like, discount centre next door... but twice they've ****ed up simple bike servicing and i'd never go back for that.

    for servicing go private> you've got that pommy bloke with the funny ears, Pete, or Brett at MadBiker who's better looking, local to you... both have outstanding reputations which they've earned.
  16. I ask because there are some very good people in the service department, but specialising in certain brands. Can't tell you anything in relation to Kwakas.
  17. don't worry Pete, I for one find you to be a rippling hunk of manflesh.
  18. You got to get your eyes tested lady!
  19. Mine is another vote for the "stay away" crowd, especially with servicing. Overpriced and they do a frankly CRAP job. The service centre staff are also rude and can't even perform simple tasks, such as calling you to tell you your bike is ready.
  20. PS is kind of a necessary evil as they pretty much own retail bikes sales in VIC. Lots of the time I end up buying parts and bits from the city store simply because I can’t find it elsewhere and don't want to ride to ringwood. They have the largest range and can charge accordingly.

    The clearance centre is great and the staff there are really helpful and less ‘salesman like’ but I wouldn’t go back there for anything service related. Rude, obnoxious, unprofessional and expensive.