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How and Why Lane Splitting is Good

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Womble, Jan 11, 2013.

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  2. dont get me wrong im all for it, and the days of me paying for the priviledge of crawling along the monash fwy car park at walking pace for over an hour are long gone.

    but these guys are not selling it to me. and there is something missing from their arguments here...

    probably not one of the best rideaparts ive seen.
  3. i love the corner round about the minute mark... does that last guy look like a lego man or what?
  4. In places where lane splitting is legal car drivers get used to seeing it and accept it. The danger happens in places where the car driver is not used to it and assumes, often correctly, that it is illegal.
    There have been many discussions on the subject of lane splitting and filtering in these forums, I look forward to the day when both are the rule rather than the exception. Sadly I'm not holding my breath.
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  5. It puts the arguments for pretty well. There were a few splits in there that I didn't think were that safe and wouldn't have gone for, but it may have been the camera angle. It may be that observing someone split looks a lot more dangerous than when you are the rider and can see exactly what is happening. Which is why drivers tend to think it's dangerous.

    But all in all it summarises the arguments pretty well and would be good for drivers to watch and understand.
  6. It all looked OK to me. If anything I thought they were being pretty conservative. Which, rather than being a criticism of your post is probably more of an illustration of how subjective these things can be.
  7. Yeah, I filter a lot but rarely watch others do it. Probably a bit if an eye opener to what it looks like to others.
  8. mmm ok but they need to look at there target audience and have a script .. taking about crashing and injury's on camera not the best .
  9. Meh ... only starts to be fun at 110+ks

  10. Seems like this sent the web insane: This should be in Politics and Safety.....

    Internet reacts to Lane Splitting episode

    Lane splitting is when a motorcycle travels in-between the lanes of moving or stationary vehicles. Through studies, it’s been proven that lane splitting increases safety for motorcyclists and reduces traffic congestion for cars. It’s also a great bunch of fun. Nevertheless, it’s always stirred a lot of controversy from all sides. Yesterday’s RideApart episode was no different, garnering over 55,000 views in the first 24 hours alone and creating a massive, Internet-wide debate. Here’s some highlights of that.
    Our top 25 favorite comments:
    1. “Try learning how to drive. That might help solve your problems.” – Marimivibe, Jalopnik
    2. “As a motorcyclist and a londoner i’m amazed lanesplitting is so villified in the USA. I can personally think​of one incident where it’s saved my skin, when a transit van went into the back of a car at a red light literally just after I filtered past.” – Vracktal, YouTube
    3. “RideApart is encouraging me every day to​get a motorcycle license.” – nukeman13, Youtube
    4. If only.​If more people rode motorcycles it would be a much safer and happier world.” – Jeremy Blanchard, YouTube
    5. “I try to hit you guys with my car door on the daily. Thanks for the laughs​.” – G-Man Yo, youtube
    6. “I don’t support SHIT for motorcyclists. They think they are above the law and regularly get away with an absurd level of bullshit. At the very least you should realize that you weigh a few hundred lbs and I’m in a 1-to-4 ton vehicle … That means that you need to yield to me for your own safety. Same for bicyclists and runners/joggers/walkers. Don’t like it? Fine … Just don’t biatch when I’m popping out a dent while your family recovers your remains with a spatula. I hate to be so blunt about it but I’m sick of this argument.” – Gideon35t, Jalponik
    7. “Say i’m sitting at a red light, my door is not closed all the way, so​i open it to shut it hard and motorcycle runs into my door, not my fault. And lane splitting is illegal anyways.” – PeytonRobinson, YouTube
    8. “Anyone intentionally taking action to harm a motorcyclist while lane splitting is essentially committing attempted murder. Cars are considered deadly weapons if used to harm another person. As for doors opening on the freeway, that very rarely happens and only in completely stopped​traffic (who opens their door going 15 mph in traffic?). So the only people opening doors have a homicidal hatred for motorcyclist.” – legoflamb, YouTube
    9. “Not just no, but fcuk NO! The only way I would agree is if the car drive is absolved from any responsibility from hitting the bike with the side of the car. Car drivers who ride in your blind spot are bad enough, but a bike that suddenly appears in it? I nearly took out a car today on my left. I was going to change lanes, had my signal on, but he ignored it, and tried to go around me just as I changed lanes. He went onto the shoulder, to bad he didn’t hit the wall!” – SidewaysByChoice, Jalopnik
    10. “ok I want to preface this by i stopped the video at about 7-8 minutes and I’m not a motorcycle rider. As a Car driver please understand a few things:
    1. Blind spots, you guys scare the hell out of me and I think I’m going to crush you every time I change lanes if you’re near me on the highway. So imagine how I feel when you zip by splitting the lane? Note this was worse when I drove an SUV.
    2. It pisses me off when I’m in a hurry and someone gets to jump to the front of the line in traffic.
    3. You’re on smaller, quicker, and more nimble vehicles and you appear/disappear without warning. Sure it’s controlled to you as you do it but it’s damn hard to keep track of you in 4 lanes of 70 MPH traffic (Michigan hwy speed limit is 70…which means everyone is doing near 80).
    4. You don’t even have to wear helmets in Michigan anymore. (though for some idiotic reason I still have to wear a seat belt!)
    My feeling comes back more to points 1 and 3, which are pretty close I guess. Is it really so bad that I don’t want to crush you? Sure he’s “taking his life into his own hands” but I would be the one who has to live with the fact that I CRUSHED a guy at 70-80 mph.”
    MontegoMan562 – Jalopnik
    11. “this comment is on page 5 your a troll gtfooh,they are self centered because they think their time is more important than everyone elses,i wont open doors but i will take​my side out of the middle to keep assholes like htis from breaking the law,its against the law where i live ,no way in hell id live in the toilet bowl of a city like L.A.or california” – 4godaddygo, YouTube
    12. “You’ve obviously never driven in LA…. average drivers in LA are borderlined retarded. I can ride just fine, its other drivers who i don’t trust. i live in Portland OR, lane splitting is illegal here, however, i find myself wishing i could split lanes here. however, i felt the opposite while on a road trip through LA. riders there lanr split while going at least 35mph faster than flow of traffic… if you condone such actions, you sir are an idiot” – Nick Guarente, Facebook
    14. “Hey pals, lets find a way to justify the idea that as motorcyclists, we ought to be able to do whatever we want on the road under the guise that we’re superior enough in comparison to car drivers that the only safe way for me to drive with some hot girl sexting is if I’m allowed to wiz by her in the same lane, coming closer than any car would ever normally get to her.” This is the dumbest logic I’ve heard of today.” – Kimithechamp, Jalopnik
    15. “I’ve been riding since late 2004 here in California and have lane split since the start. At first it was intimidating, but just like anything else you begin to get better at it and gain confidence doing it. It takes time getting adjusted to the heightened alertness you must have while you do it but once you do you see everything. People brushing their teeth, shaving, applying makeup, reading books/magazines/newspapers, texting, making phone calls, looking for something in the console, and basically anything else you do while driving a car. You learn the characteristics of distracted driving and know when to change lanes/slow down/speed up and pass them to get away from them. I learned so much about defensive riding by doing it that when I once upon a time moved to Texas for a short time and couldn’t lane split I felt like a sitting duck with a huge target on my back. That feeling was spot on because no more than a few days of riding went by that I got rear ended in traffic by a girl in her late teens texting. That experience was a major factor when it came to my decision to move back to California. There is no debate in my eyes that would persuade me to think that lane splitting isn’t a safer alternative than riding/sitting in traffic.” – RT Moto, Hell For Leather
    16. “Wes, your mullet has my approval. That is all.” – joshtheriddler, YouTube
    17. “Not to mention, Lane splitting in my state “Texas’ is 100% Illegal, have I done it before? YES, did it save my life? YES–lady behind me was coming up WAY to fast​and didn’t see me.” – Reduxalicious, YouTube
    18. “It pisses me off when I’m in a hurry and someone gets to jump to the front of the line in traffic.” That is rich. I consider myself a safe & sensible lane splitter (only when traffic is congested or cars are stopped at a red light) but I regularly have drivers who obviously see/hear me coming and then tighten up the gap, making it difficult/impossible to get through. The same f*cked up sensibility appears to be at work: IF I CAN’T GO THEN WHY SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO? Here’s an idea, MontegoMan562: Instead of blithely driving along & zoning out, take a little responsibility behind the wheel. Pay attention (i.e., head check before switching lanes), communicate your intentions (i.e., use your turn signals), and in general drive defensively. You’ll find driving more stimulating & engaging and the rest of the driving/riding public can worry about one less anonymous driver- one who is so wrapped up in himself/herself that it causes them distress to see someone actually making progress through traffic and having a good time doing it.” – pushover69, Jalopnik
    19. “AWWW why! Because you`re stuck in traffic crying like a little baby​.” LUDE4LIFE1, YouTube
    20. “I lanesplit/filter every day, and, seeing this video, i couldn’t agree more. We do drive a dangerous vehicle and need every chance possible to make it safer. Lanespliting/filtering not only is more economical, it also gives you some extra space/field of view if u ever need to react to something.” – mbit1997, Reddit
    21. “At 5:00 they discuss how it is their fault if someone is not paying attention and swerves into them while they are splitting. It is on them…. except for the mental trauma experienced of KILLING SOMEONE because they were driving 3 inches between two cars. In some cases it might be safe, in many it is not. Put it this way. In upstate maine where I travel quite frequently, one could drive 120 mph and not see any cars for 30 minutes. then why would there be speed limits on any road. I can drive safely at fast speeds in the right conditions…. it sounds idiotic when you put it that way. Just because it is occasionally safe doesnt mean it should be legal.” – UnalteredTruth, Jalopnik
    22. “wes ​is so handsome :)” – MrSaiwen, YouTube
    23. “Um, it is safe. Dude, death threats​over the internet? Really, you’re that pathetic?” – setra23, YouTube
    24. “Riding a motorcycle, there is only one rule in​my book. Being proactive than reactive, always. Anticipate than react. 110% concentration. That’s it. And God help us all.” – Balafoutre, YouTube
    25. “I can’t believe the safety Nazis have not posted about how INSANELY DANGEROUS lane splitting is and pointing out that they are not ATGATT. The thread is more than a minute old. Weird.” – inthemachine, Reddit
  11. Gosh... jdkarmch Did you really need to copy half of the YouTube comments into one single post, like anyone would read it top to bottom?

    Back to topic, drivers won't accept it easily. Does anyone really believe that a single video will be eureka moment for them?

    But a bigger issue I can see is that some of them just blatantly want to kill riders with envy.
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  12. That's the protocol we use when posting in the Politics thread. Which is where I believe this one belongs. Mods decided that it was a multimedia related topic and belonged here.

    The issue is very complex, and most drivers simply don't understand it. Have you watched the entire 14 mins of the video? I recommend that you do - because it addresses exactly the opinion you have just stated.

    We all do it at some time or another when we are out on our bikes. This video - takes three very experienced riders and covers the subject in objective detail.

    This isn't just "a single video" - its a quantification of of many other's work in the area. I draw your attention to the Inquiry Into Motorcycle Safety - where VMC and MA both made presentations on the subject and where a recommendation to have it legalised has been made.

    Those here probably aren't aware of the amount of time and effort that has been invested in addressing this subject.

    I hope that explains the lengthy post - and that maybe next time the mods will recognise their mistake.
  13. More splitting = less traffic jams, better fuel economy and safer for the rider (paint scrapes are less dangerous and less frequent than being rammed from behind by a numpty texting/eating/reading/arguing etc).
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    thanks for that. Enjoyed their discussion at around the 7 : 30 mark.
  15. Nonetheless, I wish you hadn't. Now I need a shower, having been sprayed with so much bile.
  16. Sorry - agree with the bile. This must have to be the most inflamatory subject on the face of the earth. Everyone has an opinion and nobody is right.....
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  18. Today, I'm taking a doctor our on a Harley Ride. During that experience, I will demonstrate lane filtering and splitting to her. Like many of the 1000's of people who I have taken out for a Harley Ride over the years, I will see the light come on in her head, as she realises that most of what "those who have never sat on a motorcycle" think they know is 100% WRONG.

    This is what I do for a living guys (if I was in it for the money I wouldn't be doing it BTW). Its the same every time. They get on with one attitude, and get off with the opposite attitude. Have seen it all too often......

    The battle on FB appears to be between the "ignorant car drivers" and "experienced riders". I'll do my small bit for us today guys..... I'm only sorry that I can't do it more often or that some rider advocacy groups don't see the value in what role I can play in this debate.:(
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    Can't help yourself can you JDK?
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  20. Was expecting someone to hit me with that Smee. Disappointed that it had to come from a mod. You just don't get it do you. Or the point I was making.