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How about this gear???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Been having a look around at the local motorcycle shops and on the net, from what i've seen Bikebiz has the best prices so far....
    I'm looking to get
    XR1000 Shoei (nerve) helmet - $690 discounted
    Dririder Climate control jacket - $249
    Alpinestar SP-1 Gloves - $149

    If anyone has any tips for places to buy or other gear, would be appreciative for any feedback :)

  2. Unfortunately it's a bit hard to check out all the shops located here in Sydney because of your location, however most have an online storefront of some sort.

    Budget Bikes (Yagoona)

    Bought my helmet, armour and boots from these guys. Cannot vouch for their online service but their in store service is good, hopefully the same two guys do the online aspect as well.

    MCAS (City, Parramatta)

    BikeBiz (Parramatta)

    I also recommend checking out some online only retailers, speaking from personal experience, I have had great service and product from the following two:

    RM Gear

    Craig who runs it is a fantastic help with quick responses and good advice as to how to select the correct sizes, I bought a Dyno leather jacket and a pair of leather gloves. Sizes in both were perfect, plus he offers complete money back minus postage if you select the wrong size.

    Laro Leathers

    I bought a pair of track pants off them (got lucky and got them new for $124 when they sold a pair on Ebay). Once again great service from Anthony and am very happy with the pants.

    Feel free to tell Craig or Anthony that I sent you their way if you decide to check them out :p.
  3. Cheers Haggismaen, just using the online stores to get an idea of thier prices. I'll go to see them personaly if their any good, so as to get a perfect fit and the advice.
  4. Good idea. If you are interested in the RM Gear stuff their jackets (or at least the Dyno is) are the same sizes as the Alpinestars jackets (the ones that are sized in 48, 50 etc not the ones in S/M/L etc).

    There are also sizing charts on the Laro Leathers and RM Gear sites.
  5. The Budget Bikes shop at Yagoona sound all right,
    Helmets i'm looking at are decently priced. Well worth a look i reckon, is it near a train station??
  6. I just picked up some kit from Craig this evening (RM Gear). Gloves, jacket and pants. Good fit and the gloves were far better than anything I could find in the shops. Great bloke and very good kit in my opinion. The leathers look really smick and fitted me very nicely. Although I ended up going for some textile pants and jacket on Craigs recommendations after I told him about what I plan to do on the bike.
  7. It just a short 5-10 minute walk up the road from the station. Even better if you could check out the helmets you like on the Budget Bikes website at a local store near you. Then you could just order them off them with confidence that you are picking the right one, or even use the Budget Bike price as a bargaining tool at your local store!
  8. That would be the way to go but i'm pretty sure that none of the central coast stores stock the shoei's, or a decent variety of brands.
    Willing to go the distance, and its close to a train station :grin: