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How a banana could prove creationsm is true.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, May 15, 2009.

  1. http://snurl.com/i2e98

  2. yea, well it's also the perfect shape to stick up your @ss.

    (sorry, I had nothing constructive to say)
  3. Why does a pineapple have spikey bits then? And why is a coconut so hard? Out of all the fruits there was bound to be 1 as a coincidence.
  4. I think they're actually proving the theory of evolution.
  5. That vid turned my life around and now I've cast off my sinful atheistic ways.
  6. The banana is a powerful influence.
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  8. You guys who mock this just don't understand the intricacies of theism. There's actually a deeper meaning that alot of you atheists don't understand. The universe is just much too complex for us to have just come about by a lightning bolt and chance.
  9. Tomorrow I will nail a banana to a cross.
  10. 1. Bananas are actually a lot easier to peel if you start at the 'bottom' - try it sometime. (My missus figured this out after watching chimps open them at the zoo.)

    2. Bananas are evidence of intelligent design: human intelligent design, that is, since they were selectively bred into existence and propagated from suckers.
  11. Not all of us are atheist
    Some of us are practical christians with an open mind.
  12. That's just an atheist in disguise.

    You satan worshippers can't hide from the truth that is Yaweh!
  13. C'mon guys, let's not turn this funny thread into something to do with whether religion is the right path or not!

    Keep on topic PLEASE - it's bananas and illogical deductions!
  14. He's taking the piss Morbo
    Let him have his fun :)
  15. dammit...um YEAH...me TOO!
  16. :rofl:


    You gotta wonder what god was thinking when he made the pinneaple and the coconut though :shock: :LOL:

    I looked for the tab everywhere! :?
  17. [​IMG]

    (Excuse the rushed photoshop job :p )
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