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how 2 sell on ebay-stupid question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gunnin' it, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. how do i do it-we have a user account n all but i cant find out from the site how much it costs.

    any ideas from seasoned ebayers?? :)

    thanks :grin:
  2. check the information available on the ebay site.
  3. You have to register as a seller. They will then send you a letter
    with a code. U use that to activate your sellers account.

    Remember you have to pay for each item U want to sell, whether
    its sold or not otherwise your ebay account will be shut down.
  4. thanks peeps

    how much u rekkon i should set the reserve for a mtorcross helmet size L mint condition?? or does a nr auction REALLY get better results?
  5. It's phone activated now Kish. When you sign up to be a seller, you enter your phone number, their automated system calls you 2 seconds later and gives you your code.

    Awesome system.

  6. Did you even read what was typed?
  7. How times have changed :grin:
  8. I've generally found that with smaller items a no reserve auction gets more bids. I wouldn't do it with larger more valuable items though.

    Reserve auctions often get less bids.

    As an alternative try setting a minimum starting bid, and make that the minimum almount you'd take (the same amount as a hidden reserve would be).

    That way you run no risk of getting less than your minimum but you don't drive away bidders who avoid hidden reserve auctions.
  9. Ask yourself the same Q.

    Read the thread heading & U may realise why my answer
    (in your view) is a stupid reply :roll: :p

  10. So you read the topic and then reply to that. You ignore the initial post?