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VIC Housemates! Thornbury w/ double garage

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by MV, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. Hey all, haven't been around much, life gets in the way sometimes!

    Anyway, I'm about to take over the lease of a great 3BR + bungalow, plus double garage house in Thornbury, big communal living areas, big rooms & literally 850m from St Georges Rd & the Number 11 Tram.

    Looking for a couple of housemates to join the fray, pretty laid back & motorcycle friendly, double garage with plenty of motorcycle specific tools & dedicated space for working on bikes, banging stereo, etc.

    Will be fully furnished apart from bedrooms, all new kitchen, bathroom, whitegoods, etc.

    Hit me up if you want any specifics, $230 per week, bond is 1 months rent, all bills split evenly.

    Bonus points if you want to park a Ducati in the lounge room. Not even joking.


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  2. nearly worth moving to Melbourne to park my Monster in there
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  3. sure you want to live with fellow nertraiders mate?
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  4. Desperate times Greg ;)

    There's a few good eggs about.
  5. maybe Kernel will go in with you
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  6. Er...
  7. Bungalow is taken, master bedroom is still available at $250 p/w, perfect for couples, plenty of shed space still for bikes :)
  8. cameras installed?
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  9. In the bedrooms or the shed???

  10. You've been sent the link to view too Yeh?
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  11. You need to send me your credit card details Jonnymac, just for security purposes you understand.
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