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VIC Housemate wanted to share (Hallam area-ish)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by chicken78, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. In my wisdom, I thought moving back home for a bit to save for a house would be ideal......that novelty has worn off and where I am is too long to spend in the car each day to work.
    On the hunt for a house in SE melb, have been looking around hallam as its still relatively affordable and close to everything.

    Just thought Id throw this out there and see if anyone was looking to share or move to that area/surrounding areas?
  2. who's going to be doing the cooking?
  3. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

    Finally get my crap out of storage and as long as Im home, love cooking stuff.
  4. do you really wanna live with a smelly motosicklist?
    they're a dangerous mob remember
  5. Done. I'll work on the bikes and you feed us.
  6. Not really, but I'll make sure she showers.
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  7. She'll have to once you get your hands on her =D>
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  8. oh snap!!!!

  9. &$)&$& multi quote! It's my phone not me
  10. Now Im off the bike and can attempt MQ correctly..

    I know they smell, thats why you ride fast to stay in front of them. :p

    There has to be a catch in there somewhere.

    He wasnt referring to me so :p
  11. hmmm I was tossing up renting my spare room Katie. Now you given me an idea find a flat mate that can work on my bike and my daughter will cook them dinner. The roast was gr8 tonight.

  12. Bloody kwaka riders :cheeky:
  13. better than hyo walkers innit????

  14. :furious:
    What chef said..

    Bastard :cheeky:

    I wasnt walking..honest...just enjoying the serenity, the silence, the peace..waiting for it to re start ](*,)
    I hope that wasnt you riding through the spur while I was cursing the bike.
  15. The kwaka and the FORD both get me form A to be and back home to nice hot cooked dinner by my daughter :biker: (y)
  16. fine, ill be nice only because you drive a ford :D
  17. thanks I had my eye on an F6 today to price dropped to 60K too ](*,)
  18. Meh, its a 6! If i was to buy another ford, it would be an old GT :D
  19. +1 to that
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