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Houseboat hire

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm going to hire a houseboat soon at Hawkesbury River, fishing adventure with a few mates...

    Never hired 1 before, there is a few different companies that do it and I've noticed some of them charge by the travelling hour, and others charge by fuel used, i find the travelling hour charge a bit rude as you are already paying a hefty hiring fee..

    So question is, how much fuel would you use in an hour

    Also does anyone know of some good overnight spots in the Hawkesbury for fishing :)

  2. A mate from work is going up that way for a few days this week, so I can ask him when he gets back. No help of the top of my head though, sorry.
  3. that would be great, thanks
  4. How much petrol you use will vary a lot depending on what size boat it is and what engine(s) it has. It could have one or two outboards (2 stroke or 4 stroke) or could have sterndrive (petrol or diesel).

    If you drive at a relaxed cruising speed the fuel usage will not be too bad. For example if a diesel revs out to 2400rpm a good cruise speed might be 1400rpm and use very little fuel. On a recent trip on the murray in a week we used more petrol in the generator than we did in the boat engine.
  5. Engine: 2 x 9.9hp
    (4 stroke)

  6. I'm planning to do this next summer. A weekend fishing and beering with mates would be totally ace.

    Also, your new avatar scares me.
  7. [​IMG]

    I want a houseboat with these puppies on the back. :bolt:
  8. A singly 9.9 2 stroke should use about 10 litres an hour at normal revs (roughly), a 9.9 4 stroke half that or less.
  9. When I was on a workin' holiday in London (long time ago now), a group of us hired a canal boat - similar to this:


    Very, very funny weekend. Oh and the riverside pubs were brilliant.
  10. awsome, but looks cramped
  11. Goz,

    Actually, as I recall, it wasn't too bad. Perhaps the one we got was bigger, but there was plenty of headroom (at least for me - I'm a short arse) and it was surprisingly roomy inside. Plus the roof was a very pleasant place to down a few ales. Going through locks was fun as well.

    If you are ever over there I can thoroughly recommend it. It was a ball.